Thursday, June 16, 2016

How Did I Begin Blogging?

Hi everyone! I am in the mood to tell you a story of my past.

Years back (8 years ago to be exact), I had a thought I should start a blog. Mainly because I spent so much time on the internet. It happened so fast, well, thanks to my best friend whom introduced me and taught me the whole shebang. I remember all that falling snow effects, rainbow links and overly cute and pink blog.

How Did I Begin Blogging | Lenne Zulkiflly

Anyway, it all started when I saw my friend (the one that introduced and taught me to blog) posted boatloads of entries about her boyfriend. Who would've thought I think that was the 'shit' back then. And I started to do the same thing. I know. Homegirl is easily intrigued and influenced, so yeah.

Well, I guess now I blog so that I could just simply write, share and exchange thoughts. And if I did retire from blogging one day, it's been my dream to tell my own kids that their mommy is a blogger. So yeah, I have always loved writing back then during my school days guys, I write just about anything in my diary. Haha! Good old days.

Apart from that, I love knowing awesome people in this world full of awesomeness. This is the space where I learnt new things, where I made mistakes, where I knew a lot of cool bloggers etc. 

Blogging is like a passion to me now. I know it was just a personal blog but can I just say that I'm truly happy with it now? I mean, I have a blogging niche, I can reach up to 7000+ pageviews in a month (though it's not much compare to other bloggers), I have known bunch of lovely people that I never knew existed and the list can go on and on.

There you have it. It wasn't as extravagant as everyone else's but I hope you enjoy it still. I wanted to write more often in the future and just be consistent despite my hectic college life because it is not just a blog :)

What is your blogging story? How did it all started?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beauty Product Review | Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly

Today's beauty product review is one of my newest favorite lipstick that is the Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick in the shade Ku Mahu. It retails for RM25. You can get it at Watsons and Guardian. I bought it about two weeks ago, I made a blog post about it HERE. A little story of the past, I was so hyped when I finally got my hands on the lipstick. I thought it was matte but turns out it wasn't. It was a bummer lol. But I love the color so I'm all good.

If you guys know me, then you must know how huge my love towards lip products. I don't step out of the house without putting anything on my lips. I mostly love matte shades but y'know matte can be super drying on the lips. 

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly


A+ for the packaging. I am a sucker for sleek packaging like this. I mean, look at that. It's not just attractive but it's sturdy. You don't have to worry anymore gurl, you can throw this in your bag and it will slip and slide in there with ease.

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly
 With flash

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly
Without flash

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly

The shade

The shade Ku Mahu is a very wearable nude with a little hint of pink. The subtlety makes it appropriate for any occasions. I think it can suit every complexion very well. 


The pigmentation is surprisingly great. The color you see on the bullet is the color you will be getting once you apply it on the lips. It manages to cover my tad bit dark upper lip with 2-3 coats. You can build the color as well for more intensity. 


The texture is very creamy. It glides on really easy, it feels like butter but it does settle into the fine lines which I found weird because it's an ultra moisturizing lipstick. Talking about moisturize, it really moisturizes the lips, hands down. Thus it's perfect for those who have dry lips.

Wear time

It lasts about solid 3 hours on my lips without eating or drinking anything. You cannot expect much because it is not a matte formula. It will completely gone after a meal, that one you have to bear in mind. So, this is the kind of lipstick that you need to reapply.


Wide range of color selection
Creamy texture
Moisturizes the lips very well
Buildable color
Has a nice subtle mint scent
Lightweight formula
Attractive and sturdy packaging
Decently pigmented
Slightly affordable


Settle into fine lines
Weak staying power 
Slightly sticky
Does transfer 


Despite all of the issues I encounter with this lipstick, it comes in handy whenever I fail to decide what lip color I want to wear that day. I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it. If I had the chance to buy more shades, (because all the shades are to die for!) I would definitely buy some more. 

Have you tried this lipstick? What are your thoughts about it?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Movie Review | The Conjuring 2

Movie Review | The Conjuring 2

Hello everyone! 

So, I went to the theater last friday to watch The Conjuring 2 with my kid sister and my uncle's maid, Kak Sue. It was around 9:00 PM and I wasn't all prepare. I mean, I didn't book the tickets earlier so we didn't get the chance to watch it at 9 because it was FULL HOUSE! I didn't have any choice though, so I booked the 11:30 PM ticket. We had karaoke session in between just to kill the time lol because we got like 2 hours before the movie started. After karaoke session, we went for the arcade games there. 

Gurl, I won the race haha!

That's just that. I don't want to talk like in depth about that, so let's get on to the review! (No strong spoilers so no worries okay)

There hasn't been a better horror movie since The Conjuring (2013) came out. Well, at least for me. The time I saw The Conjuring 2 trailer on the television, I know that it won't disappoint me and I have to watch it no matter what happens. This time Ed and Lorraine Warren are charged with a new paranormal case in England. Mrs Hodgson, a single mother who are raising four kids and are in need of help as their home is taken over by a demonic force.


Ed and Lorraine Warren were so great as an on-screen couple. I love that when they handle such cases calmly. Talking about the crazy possessed girl in the movie, Janet Hodgson. She's so great and she's amazing! She seems like a nice little girl, then when she scares the crap out of you when she possessed, your jaw will drop and you'll be covering your face because it's hella scary. The jump-scare moment this time is no joke, y'all. It's even better than the first one.

I must say, there are lots to love about this movie! There are genuine scary moments, those unexpected creepy scenes and when the background music goes silent and when you think something is about to happen but it doesn't, I love it! The tactic never gets old. I get chills everywhere but turns out nothing really happens lol. That forces me to be ready at all times. By ready I mean cover up my face with a popcorn haha!


There's almost nothing bad to say about this film. I love it so much! But, I think it would be much love if they reveal the reasons why the demon keep haunting the family and what makes it so evil and not just focus on the scares that the demon does. I almost lost my voice screaming like crazy in the theater.


The Conjuring 2 is a great horror movie and really scary at so many points. It's even better than the first one. The scare is no joke this time y'all have to see it for yourself. The showtime is a tad bit longer than I expected, my mom waited for more than 30 minutes to pick us up. Other than that, it's definitely worth watching and worth your money. Oh and lack of sleep too, because I imagined Valak is somewhere in my room (I know it's crazy but that's that) haha. I give it 4/5 stars.

4 over 5 stars because I love very very much but lacking a star because I almost lost my voice due to screaming. Conjuring 2 is sure to supply just enough scare for y'all y'know. So, have you seen it? What are your thoughts of it and how does it compare to the first one? Let me know! Till then x
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