5 Steps To My 'Minimal' Makeup Routine

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hi everybody! When we're talking about makeup, there's nothing really "minimal" about me. I either go all the way, or not at all. Let's be real, this is more like maximum makeup for some of them out there, but being a makeup enthusiast I actually wear a lot of makeup. Without further ado, let's get on to it!

Use only concealer
I skip foundation or BB cream or BB cushion or whatsoever if I want to go for a minimal makeup look that day. I know it sounds absurd to some people but my skin doesn't really need that much of a coverage as of now, I just need to conceal the problematic areas. There are days where I want to look "natural" and only concealed, if that makes any sense hehe. I am using the Pure Mineral Concealer by Maybelline, in case you are wondering.

Set to matte
I want my face to appear matte all the time, but when I decided to go minimal that day, I skip "baking". I don't know why shiny or satin finish doesn't floats my boat. So, this is a personal preference okay. If you don't like matte, it's okay boo you do you. Moving on, to set my face I use the Silkygirl Magic BB All in One Powder Foundation but not too much! This thing goes a long way gurl.

Do not neglect 'em brows
I am a firm believer that no matter how good you put your makeup on, how fleeky you draw your eyebrows or how magnificent you overdraw your lips BUT if you don't "kemaskan" your brows it's useless. Don't neglect them baby hairs! Pluck them or if you prefer to conceal them, please do so. Sometimes, I am being a lazyass to draw my brows but I have to make sure that my brows are very kemas. Okay?

Build definition
This applies to the eyes. The eyes speak thousand words, so they say. So, I must line my eyes and "tightline". Nothing too dramatic gurl, I just give me some simple cat eye because it gives character hehe. And then I brush a few coats of mascara for my upper and lower lashes. Done for the eyes! Oh I am using the IN2IT Hair Brush Eyeliner and Pencil Liner in Black and the Maybelline Volume Express Rocket Mascara in Black.

I am always excited when it comes to lipstick or lip products. Sometimes, I don't even know what lipstick colour I should rock that day because I have too many lip products! So, for a much safer decision, I always go for a nude lipstick or lip tint or I combine these two to achieve my perfect lip combo :) Best lip products IMO - Simplysiti, NYX, IN2IT.

That's that! Told you, there's nothing "minimal" about me when it comes to makeup hehe. Tell me what's YOUR kind of minimal makeup in the comments. I would love to know! Till next time~ *hugs*

What do you think?

  1. My kind of minimal makeup are BB Cream, Mascara, Brows and lip tint. Hehe

  2. Brows for the win. Haha. Although I still haven't got it mastered yet.


  3. My minimal makeup is bb cream, mascara and lipstick for sure

  4. i think pling minimal. tempek bedak je & lip ice..tmbh lg senang klu muka flawless xpyh pki concealer & foundation bb cream bgai semua tu..jimat masa nak bersiap.

  5. i singgah sini..

    Bkn makeup addict..kalau go minimal mmg miniml trus...means lipstick sket n brows sket..hahahha

  6. Only wear compact powder (2-way powder or powder foundation) and apply lipstick on my lips. hehehe. Tu lah minimal makeup buat diri fatin. that's why I said, tak pandai makeup. Huhu. Nak pakai liquid foundation, eyeshadow, nak bentuk kening pun tak pandai :D T_T

    nasib baik kening memang jenis terbentuk elok, cuma kena kemaskan sikit je. but still, makeup paling simple bagi fatin cuma tempek sikit bedak kat muka, pastu pakai lipstick. hehehe


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