Things I Struggle With As A Blogger

Today, I'll be sharing with you guys struggles I'm facing while trying to navigate around this blogging world. People always seem to think b…
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My Must-Have Photo Editing Apps

If you don't already know, I take all of my photos using my one and only smartphone. I don't have DSLR or even a compact camera though I rea…
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M.A.C 'Please Me' Matte Lipstick

Hello everyone! Today I'll be reviewing MAC 'Please Me' matte lipstick for you guys. Now, I've had MAC Please Me for quite some time…
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A Few Important Blogging Tips

I've been blogging for years now but I'm no means a blogging expert and I'm still learning. I still have a lot to go through. Nonetheles…
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Tips And Tricks For Short Eyelashes

I was born with a short-ass eyelashes. Not just short, they stick straight, point downwards, thin and sparse too. I cry a little inside when I see p…
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