A Few Important Blogging Tips

A Few Important Blogging Tips | Lenne Zulkiflly

I've been blogging for years now but I'm no means a blogging expert and I'm still learning. I still have a lot to go through. Nonetheless, I've picked up a few tips along the way and I want to share it today. Bear in mind, these are just suggestions and there's no right or wrong way to blog. I know, I know, there are a plenty of posts like this out there but I really hope this helps you to get an idea in one way or another. 

1. Only blog when you're in the 'mood'

I often feel discouraged when I see bloggers write, blog and put up a content every single day. I don't know how you guys do that. Little did I know, it's okay not to blog everyday because if you force it, it becomes a chore. Blogging is no longer fun that way.

I'd say, blog when you feel like blogging, write when you feel like writing. It's okay to take a break from blogging because this whole shebang can be a little too overwhelming. I've been there, trust me. So, only blog when you feel like it. Anyway, I made a post talking about what I usually do when I don't have the mood to write a new post HERE. 

2. Write how you talk

Just write the way how you would talk. It's more personal that way. If you're funny in person and often crack a joke, throw them in the blog. Blogging should be natural, relax and fun. You don't have to write A+ standard or university-level type of English. It's often structured and no fun at all. It sounds weird. So, make it feel more personal and sounded human, not robots or whatsoever. 

3. Have a catchy title 

Good titles are ones that grab readers' attention. I know bloggers who are always come up with 'clickable' titles - Erin Azmir, Siqah, Eeca Shyaa 

Having a catchy title is the secret to having the content being read but don't do 'clickbait', it's annoying. I'd say study blogs that entice you to click on every single of their posts because they have the most catchy titles and great contents. 

4. Think of what you would like to read and write it

I'd recommend look through your Blogger dashboard or Bloglovin' feed and see what blogs you read everyday. What do they offer? What are the things that makes you keep coming back because you can't get enough of it? If you love and have the knowledge about vegan, cruelty-free beauty stuff, just start writing. Even if you don't have a big audience or you're a newbie, just know that you're blogging for your own good. 

5. Jot down ideas

You don't have to write down your ideas but being the old-fashioned that I am, I find it helps. You can write down in your smartphone, it really doesn't matter how you write down your ideas but I feel like writing down ideas kind of helps stimulate our mind. So, for me, whenever ideas pop into my mind, I jot them down in my blogging notebook. 

6. Promote your blog on social media

It's such a waste if you're not promoting your blog on social media. You won't believe the influence it brings. World without borders, so they say. Having an account on each social medias will really help to promote your blog. 

I know it can be a little embarrassing and guilty to promote your blog, but it's incredible to connect with people around the world and you don't know how amazing the blogging community is. So I'd say just shake it off and promote. I gain a lot of international readers through Twitter. How cool is that!?

A Few Important Blogging Tips | Lenne Zulkiflly

7. Reply to all comments 

This is the point I wish I knew earlier when I started blogging. I used to read comments and never reply back. Even worse, I've disabled my comment section once, it's not good for the blog, enough said. 

Just remember, this is so important because it creates a relationship and connection with your readers. Never ever neglect comments (unless hate comments) because if someone has taken her sweet time to write sweet things on the blog, just reply back. There's no harm replying back. I personally love it when bloggers reply to my comment and it makes me want to read their blogs over and over. 

8. Proofread, triple check for mistakes/ error and pay attention to details

I know proofreading can be a major annoyance but it's indeed important for readers like me who's always spot on mistakes or errors in a blog post. Even the littlest things. I'm sorry but I was born with it. Haha! I know mistakes happen to us all, be it spelling mistakes or broken links and whatnot, but I feel that it shows one didn't take the time to re-read the post. If you happen to notice a mistake after you have published the post, quickly fix it and don't just "let it be, we're human and human makes mistakes."

9. Have fun! 

I'm a firm believer that blogging should be fun, enjoyable and exciting. If you treat blogging as chore, that it's stressful and no fun, then ask yourself why you're doing it in the first place. You can't force it. You can never force it. 

And one more thing, blogging is never a competition. All I see is a bunch of amazing people trying to be the best that they can be and constantly want to put up creative and unique contents. That's the spirit! 

10. Don't give up and never stop blogging 

I know it can be disheartening to see that stats never goes up, the number of visitors are rarely change and the only person viewing your blog is your significant other. But let me tell you something, success very rarely comes immediately. It doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? 

Don't give up and never stop blogging. To me, the only difference between 'successful' blog and 'unsuccessful' blog is about passion. If you're passionate about it, continue doing it. If you're not, I don't think you should blog and if the reason behind the existence of your blog is because "everyone else is doing it." nope, you're not  passionate. 

That's about it you guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it has helped you any other way. 

What's your favorite blogging tips?


  1. Nice tips! I should follow your tips (but maybe not all, especially no 6 huhu)

    1. Ya, it's okay you can skip around 😅 #6 is so powerful. The power of social media is just mind-blowing xx

    2. Hehe I can't do number 6 as well. I am okay if people accidentally find my blog after searching around but it feels a bit awkward for me to share on socmed especially FB (with the MOST audience) haha


    3. I don't go to facebook anymore, Hanis. I prefer twitter. I knowww, it feels awkward at first but I love the blogging community on twitter bcs I can totally 'clicked' with them instantly and they're so nice with newbies hihihi 😄

  2. Hi Ucing singgah dari segmen mia liana (^_^).Selamat berpuasa...

  3. nice tips! nombor 7 tu betul, dulu saya jarang reply komen org, sekarang insaf dah haha :D

    malu sikit nk letak link blog kat ig, twitter, fb >< taktaula smpai bila nk jadi camni hahaha. maybe sbb pengisian kt blog saya kurang memberi motivation pada org, tu yg malu tuu hehe

    1. Betul tu, lenne dulu malas nak reply comment tau. Biar je macam tu. Sekarang ni rajin dah haha.

      Haha 😅 cuba dulu baru tahu. Tak rugi pun wakk :D

  4. These are great tips! I try to do each and everyone of these!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. Pun begitu, susah sanggat nak cari mood untuk berblog haha thankyou Lenne for the tips!

    1. Haha! I'd say just look into what inspires you now, maybe that helps. Anyway, you're welcome! :)

  6. I love blogs with at least one catchy picture :D


    1. Oh that's right! I can totally relate but I can't even take one good, catchy image lol

  7. I actually opened Eeca's and Siqah's blog to read their tittles since I do have problem in giving good tittle (I always get updated with Erin's). I want it catchy enough but as you say not clickbait-ish.

    I love love love love your tips. Especially about having fun and be in the mood, it kinda made me feel good about myself. But proofreading is such a major drawback for me and to think I always detect people's mistakes too!! Now that I remember, I have some edits I have to made in my latest post. Arghh.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. They have pretty good titles that I believe promising enough for people to click it amd read it till the end :)

      Nawh, thanks Afifah! Glad it made you feel better about yourself which I think is very important. Haha I don't know gurl! I'm always that kind of people, I always detect people's mistakes which can be a gift or a curse hahahaha 😂

  8. Nice tips , dear ~ .... Nadia mmg selalu ada problem utk no 2 and 3 . Nak cari title lah paling pening. Hahaha. So end up my post title selalu boring rasanya . As for no 2 , agree jugak dgn Lenne . Gaya penulisan tue pun mainkan peranan . Nadia admit kadang penulisan nadia mcm robot pun ada tak tahu kenapa . =(

    Idea? And mood ? Hmmm... bila dtg blogging slump mmg mls gila nak update blog . Tapi bila idea mencurah2 time tue lah up entry everyday bila ada peluang sbb tak tahu bila lagi mood akan dtg hahaha =p

    I think I need to improve more . Lenne rasa blog Nadia apa yg perlu improve ? =) plssss bg suggestion . <3

    1. Betul tu Nadia, nak letak title pun pening nak letak apa so that it sounds interesting and unique.

      Kalau gaya penulisan tu, Lenne anggap macam tengah bercakap dgn orang je bila type blog post sebab ntah lah. Rasa selesa that way hehe.

      I know, kalau tengah dlm blogging slump tu parah jugak sometimes berminggu2 tak update. But that doesn't mean kita tak boleh buat benda lain selain writing a blog post :)

      Blog Nadia dah okay dah bagi Lenne tau. Lenne ni yg banyak kena improve haha!

    2. I like your blog dear . Even Nadia tak sempat nak blogwalking every day. Sorry =,(

    3. Aww, that's okay! Lenne pun suka blog Nadia tau <3

  9. Lenne! Semua tips sangat berguna okay. Siqah bookmark jugak post ni <3

    Siqah setuju dengan semua points Lenne!

    1. Only blog when you're in mood - Kalau ada blogging slump, memang tak boleh buat apa lah kan. Kadang2 masa ada tapi mood nak menaip tu tiada. Dan bukan senang nak menaip siapkan satu entri. Hanya blogger saja tahu kan. Hee. Siqah biasanya anggap siqah tengah bercerita. Kadang2 rasa syok sendiri jugak. Tapi gasaklah. Hehe.

    2. Jot down ideas - selalu buat! Letak dalam notes dulu, then bila ada mood baru siapkan entri.

    3. Catchy title - I saw my name 😍 Thank you Lenne. Siqah susah nanye nak pilih blog post title. Berkali2 tukar gak kadang2. Hee.

    4. Never stop blogging!! - yes, agree much!! Yang penting jangan stop blogging. Blog peribadi adalah untuk simpan kenangan kita. Dan itu yang siqah sentiasa ingat untuk berterusan blogging =)

    Panjang pulak komen siqah. Hee <3

    1. Aww, thank you Siqah!

      Tahu takpa. Berminggu minggu jugak tu. Sometimes dalam sebulan sekali je update nya sebab 'not in the mood' hehe.

      Rasa best bila tulis dalam notes first and then baru type kat blog. It doesn't work with some people but definitely works on me haha

      Tbh, even Lenne tengah malas tu nak baca post orang lain and comment, but bila nama Siqah je naik Lenne terus tekan and baca. Sebab apa? Sebab tajuk tu main peranan penting and IMO Siqah pandai letak tajuk yg 'grab' attention. Tajuk je dah best, bila baca mesti lagi best <3

      Betul tu! Bila baca balik blog sendiri, memang takda rasa nak quit blogging even though blogging untuk self satisfaction je and not for money whatsoever.

      Siqah selalu je comment panjang panjang tapi Lenne suka! xx

  10. Setuju sangat, semangat berblog meluap-luap 😍😍


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