My Skincare Sins | It's Time To Kiss Them Goodbye

As much as I love giving you guys beauty advice or tips and tricks here and there, I have committed with skincare sins myself. I can't seem to r…
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5 Ingredients I Look For In A Skincare Product | Oily Skin

Hello gorgeousness! Today I just want to share with you things that I look for in a skincare product, in terms of the ingredients. I know fancy and …
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The Sunday Currently #1

I am officially joining the bandwagon as I am a little bit struggling to find something to write lately. I have been meaning to do this in so long a…
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My 10 Random Unpopular Opinions

I kind of like seeing people voicing their unpopular opinion about some stuff, and I for sure intrigued and wanted to do my own version too. I do ha…
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Healthier and Brighter Complexion with Hansaegee Nature!

Hello gorgeousness! I'm so excited because I get to share you my experience using products from Hansaegee Nature today. I know, I am really comm…
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