Hello! It's been a while.

I haven't posted much. I am sorry. I keep having writer's block. Anyway, recently my boyfriend asked me to speak Sabah for him. And for those of you who don't know, yes, I am Sabahan. I am from a city called Sabah. Shout out to all my Sabahan followers lol. As I was saying, I think he just gave me an idea for today's blog post. So, without any further ado. Let's jump right in.

  1. First things first, you simply cannot put the word "bah" anywhere you want in your sentences. For example: "Bah kau sudah makan kah bah?" TEEEETTT. The correct way is either "Bah, kau sudah makan kaini?" or "Kau sudah makan?" It's that simple okay, people?
  2. Instead of saying tumpang lalu, we say, limpas. "Limpas, limpas, saya mau cepat ni."
  3. The word buduh, is not some kind of a side dish or whatever you're thinking. Buduh means stupid. Or every Sabahans personal favorite, palui. "Bah, buduh/ palui jugak lelaki tu."
  4. Tapuk-tapuk means sembunyi-sembunyi. Hide and seek! Kalau tak pernah main tapuk-tapuk, you're not a legend lol. "Weh, jom main tapuk-tapuk!"
  5. Sumandak means beautiful girl. "Wow, ada sumandak!"
  6. Giuk means ulat. Hahaha. And you don't like giuk in your mango, don't you? :p "Eee ada giuk tu dalam tu, jangan makan."
  7. Bubut-bubut means kejar-kejar. We like to play bubut-bubut when we were younger! "Jom main bubut-bubut!" or "Kena bubut dia sama ayam kampung tadi petang."

That's all I can came up with right now. I am sure there are a lot but perhaps in the future? I hope you enjoyed and learned something :)