Struggles Of Contact Lens Wearers

Struggles Of Contact Lens Wearers
I've been wearing contacts for almost 6 years now. I don't know why I just don't look good wearing glasses. Even though it has been 6 years, I still hate putting them in especially in the morning. Yup, you have to believe it. Actually, there's more. I have compiled a few struggles that every contact lens wearer will understand. Let's!

  1. Getting them in for the first time. Believe it or not, it took me about 2 freaking hours to finally succeed. 
  2. All contact lens wearers can relate to dry eyes. They're not painful though, it's just uncomfortable to blink and even harder to get them out by the end of the day. Besides, it can cause redness and people may think you're a zombie or something.
  3. The pain that you feel when your contacts are inside out! Just make sure to check the edges of your contacts before putting them in.
  4. No air conditioner.
  5. Clean, clean, clean all the time. Hygiene is key.
  6. When your eyes hurt for no reason. 
  7. Try to fix a contact that shifted out of place like this:
Struggles Of Contact Lens Wearers | Lenne Zulkiflly
So, are you a contact lens wearer? What are your struggles?


  1. Im not a sister groupies but i guess it's okay for me to drop by my personal horror experiences when i was still a noob using contacts. I'd always freaks out when i'd realise one of my contacts had gone missing. literally crawling around over the place where i stand searching for it. but when i google it, i knew my contact was in there! but folded in my eyelids. wush. hahaha thanks god i still have my sight *saying to myself* haha. it was good post though. keep it on

  2. i don't know why..the way that you writing in ur blog such interesting to me..i love to if i can put your blog in my bloglist but ur need to join my segment..aha its just simple like ABC....can you do a favour for me? #sorry tak reti ber Bi sbnrnya~


  3. Mine , bila pakai dia licin then waktu nak pakai tu dia gerak gerak . It's a struggle to put them in . Tapi bila dah masuk tu dia punya lega ahh . But then , wanna take them out , nahh another struggle hahaha .

  4. baru nak pasang niat nak pakai. alahai

  5. baru nak pasang niat nak pakai. alahai

  6. I can understand those struggles. Sebab ada kawan yang pakai contact lens. Huhu :)

    Bersyukur sangat-sangat sebab mata Fatin masih okay. Cuma kadang-kadang kalau nak drive kereta waktu malam, ada sedikit silau, but still, it's fine with me.

    Fatin ada dengar yang contact lens wearer tak boleh pakai contact lens lama sangat. Kena rajin buka ke camne entah. Betul ke?