My Top 3 Drugstore BB and CC Cream

I'm back with another top 3 beauty product and today is the BB and CC cream version. Who doesn't love a good BB or CC cream, right? I mean, when you're running late you can just apply the BB or CC cream without having to worry that it's not blended. That's the convenience of BB or CC creams. They can be a little sheer, so that's why. Without any further ado, let's dive in!

1. Maybelline White Superfresh CC Cream 

This CC cream comes out a little pinkish and upon blending out on the skin, the color-changing pigments start to match your skin tone! I freaked out at first but after blending it for a while, it turns out just fine. It really brightens the skin and helps even out skin tone, which is really cool. Very easy to apply, no blending brush needed. The packaging is really cute. It's just the size of my palm. And it has SPF37! If it's SPF30 and above, I'm good because I need at least SPF 30 all day err day. 

2. Garnier BB Cream BB Miracle Skin Perfector 

This BB cream has a dewy finish even when set with a powder. The coverage is good, I mean it covers my redness, scars, pores, and just minor imperfections. I'm not sure how many shades they come out with but I use the code Natural and that's the darkest shade if I'm not mistaken. The consistency of this BB cream is really runny. This BB cream lasts longer than I thought, which is nice if you the kind of person that has a long day at work or something. 

3. Silkygirl Magic BB Water Gel 

This BB cream is very liquidy, hence the name! This BB cream is very easy to apply and is lightweight and gives me a very natural and healthy-looking skin. I would say it's a light to medium coverage, just like the other BB creams. This BB cream lasts all day long too. This product could last 3 months even if I use it daily! That's so cool. Not cakey on me, leaves a very dewy finish that I like, and has SPF30.

So, have you tried these products? What are your thoughts? I would love to know. I recommend experimenting with a whole bunch of products because you never know what's best for you until you try them out. Till then!

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  1. @miss fifi haha you can always google or my personal preference, youtube :D

  2. Wow..i don't quite remember when was my last time using BB cream coz now prefer just pun on my sunblock and off to work. Anyway keep writing good info like this and feel free to visit my blog.

    P/s: i follow u :)

  3. I used bb cream from silkygirl! Hehe

    P/s: thanks follow sy. I follow u back 😆

  4. @TravelWithMillo I'm happy with the coverage of these bb creams. That's why i choose bb cream over foundation. I rarely use foundation bcs i just don't hahaha. Btw, thanks! :)

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