10 Day Random Challenge | Day 1: Blog's Name

Saturday, April 16, 2016

10 Day Random Challenge - Blog's Name | Lenne Zulkiflly

Hello beautiful people! Let's get into it right away. Okay. So, blog's name. Alright.


It's so simple and pretty much self-explanatory. My blog name is literally my name (not literally, it's my nickname) and my father's name. I think it's so cute to include my dad's name just because I have one and I'm proud to have one. As for 'lenne', I got it from my classmates in secondary school. It was actually just 'len' but then I came up with a brilliant idea to add 'ne' at the very end of it just to look all fancy schmancy.

If you have a struggle to pronounce my nickname, read my FAQs.

The reason why I chose it is because if my blog ever did become successful, I would want myself to be instantly recognized by it and I would rather everyone to know me as Lenne Zulkiflly. Hehe.

Blog name is probably one of the most important steps to creating a new blog (since this is my new blog!) and you want it to be easy to remember. But as for me, I want something that is not too specific but still related to me somehow. Buat apa I pening-pening fikir my blog name, I boleh je take it from my own name kan lol. That's how I came up with my blog name!

That's that! Till then x

P/s: Remember your old embarrassing blog URL? Yup. That's the reason I made a new blog. Judge me lol.

What do you think?

  1. URL blog Fatin dulu pun entah apa-apa je. Tu yang buat keputusan create new blog tu. Hehehe :D

  2. Blogwalking here~ meh join GA :) hehe

  3. Claudy pun macam tu dulu. budak2 sangat xD

  4. reading ur 10 day challenge to get to know u betahhh, =)

    & i love the name- lenne!


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