Sunday, April 17, 2016

10 Day Random Challenge | Day 2: Favorite Youtubers

10 Day Random Challenge - Favorite Youtubers | Lenne Zulkiflly

Assalamualaikum and hello y'all.

Here's the real deal lol, I spend 90 percent of my free time watching Youtube and it's weird if I spend a day without watching Youtube. I literally have no life. Youtube is my life lol. Whatever. Judge me. Whenever I'm not blogging or reading blog posts or don't have anything else to do, I'm on Youtube watching videos! And the list of my favorite Youtubers is just insane but I'll try to break it down a little so... enjoy!

I've watched her videos for ages and I love her to bits and pieces. She usually posts makeup tutorial, DIY, tips and tricks and advice videos and most them are hilarious. She can be really ghetto sometimes (she admitted it lol) and she's also a huge animal lover! I love her even more for that.

She's amazing. She's known as the most popular beauty makeup artist from Korea and Youtube star. She definitely caught my attention from her Tay's transformation makeup tutorial. I watched every single of her videos ever since! I'm definitely a fan now haha.

#3 Tati

If you're looking for product reviews and tutorials, look no further. Tati provides the most helpful and honest reviews on drugstore products and high ends. Honestly, I won't buy something if she has said she wasn't a fan of this specific product. That's how much I trust her reviews haha!

You probably know Mish by now, because how could you not? She's OG. She's the most successful beauty icon. She can transform herself into just about anything using just makeup. She also posts makeup tutorials (tons of it), tips and tricks, trend reports, DIYs etc. 

Anwar Hadi is my favorite Malaysian Youtube sensation by far. If you have seen some of his videos, you would know that his channels' main attraction is current trends. His EwwwW video up there is such a big hit and hilarious of course. I'm so attracted to his accent and just the overall how he speaks. If you're looking for a fun and at the same time educational videos to watch, look no further.

Weylie's vlog channel and her boyfriend, Wah. Consists of vlogs they decide to post but I need to warn you, you should never watch their vlogs when you're hungry because they like to show what they're eating in every vlog haha. They're both hilarious, so cute together and I cannot go a day without their vlogs. Their vlogs are like caffeine, I mean I need my caffeine everyday. So yeah.

I still have a lot more though but I think that's enough. Anyways, do you watch any of these Youtubers? If yes, who? I would like to know who are your favorite Youtubers too! 

Till then xx


  1. nice u have google plus...for easy follow...tq

  2. i can see that u r so into makeups & other girls stuff

    My sis love pony's but i dunno, mayb im not so into makeups...hahha
    but i like anwarhadi's =)


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