Reasons Why You Need Attractive Images In Your Blog Post

Reasons Why You Need Attractive Images In Your Blog Post
Hi everybody!

I made it crucial to use at least one image with every blog post. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the content but it's becoming a habit. Pictures speak a thousand words, so they say. At times, blogging is just not about plain texts written on a page, you have to use the combination of texts, images, and GIFs so you can come up with an extraordinarily good article!

Why do you need attractive images in your blog post? 

For starters, your content will look more put together. Having photos to break up blocks of texts will give your blog post appear more professional and simply looks better.

I personally think people feel more likely to read your blog post when it's accompanied by an image. We often feel the urge to look at a page that has an interesting image, aren't we? When you use a picture within your post, it also helps to make the post look a bit longer, am I right? And if you are writing a short post, adding in a photo or two will help the post look much, much better.

Pictures also encourage social media shares. How? Now that social media platforms are getting thrilled out and enjoying their massive popularity, one way that you can enjoy ubiquitous sharing is to place an attractive image that readers would want to share. Trust me, it helps you drive more traffic from social network sites.

Where to get high-quality, attractive, amazeballs images? You can opt to do it yourself and enhance them using Canva! If you are willing to pay for images, some top sites for images that I know are Getty Images and Shutterstock. And if you are a cheapskate like me, free images are also available online. No worries. You can give Pexels and Unsplash a try!

You may be surprised to see how enormous the number of your blog's traffic because your readers are now visually fascinated by your posts. Ahaa! If you know more reasons or have another useful tip, you can always tell me in the comment.
Do you always have to have images in your blog post like I do?


  1. I found canva very helpful on editing images and flickr and pinterest are great sites to find beautiful images

  2. nice advice lenny, i sometime use pretty image not related to my contents. hahaha

  3. eyes cant lied about how beautiful an image is. :D