Assalamualaikum and hello people! It has been a while and I missed you guys so much! I do not want to ramble on too much, let's just get into the business. This is a long overdue post but today, I will be sharing stuff that is new to my beauty collection and they are all inexpensive!

Maybelline Super BB Cushion

If you are not a big fan of foundation but you somehow want a little bit coverage on the face, you may try this Maybelline Super BB Cushion. In my opinion, this is quite affordable compared to other brands that would cost you almost hundreds. This BB cushion retails for RM47 - a pretty good deal, I would say and it is suitable for normal to oily-combo skin.

IN2IT Eye Color Palette in Sorbet Deluxe 


It's very well-loved by me. I have oily skin, as well as oily lids but these colors are nothing but awesomeness! It's pigmented, velvety soft to the touch, they are pretty dusty but they blend seamlessly on the lids. You can find them at the drugstore for RM20-RM30.

Cyber Colors Micro Eyebrow Pencil & Maybelline Fashionbrow


My eyebrows need to be on point at all times because I have the saddest brows. To get the job done, I use this Micro Eyebrow Pencil by Cyber Colors (RM30) and I top it off with Maybelline Fashionbrow (RM26). The eyebrow pencil has an ultra-fine tip that gives me the control to sculpt my brows. I am loving these two gems because they go together! And I always get compliments about my brows. All cheap products, my dear.

Odbo Shimmer Bricks

This is my new baby. I feel like bathing in it. This is the Shimmer Bricks from Odbo (RM20) and I love love love it! What I love about this little palette is the versatility of it. This could be your highlighter and your little eyeshadow palette at the same time. That two shades from above are my holy grail shades because they are almost similar to Benefit's High Beam and The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer glow. It is very intense, it packs a punch and so noticeable. If you are not into a blinding highlight, you will not enjoy this.

What are some drugstore gems you have been trying out at the moment?