So, I went to the Revlon warehouse sale at Novel Link U8 with my girls. I don't know all the details about the sale but I think it happens quite a few times in a year. I believe it's still going on. Go and grab em' beauty goodies while it's still on, girls! This is the first time I went to the sale. I went around 4PM and it was freaking busy and crowded; and most of the hottest pick items were already gone. Okay let's get onto the haul.

Here's everything I have picked up. I managed to get 6 lip products, 3 single eye shadows and a highlighter. IKR! I am the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

I spent so much time at the lippie section because it was so tempting so see boxes and boxes of lip products that worth RM10 for 3! Not to mention that I am a lipstick junkie. Pretty good deal but none of the lip products above are matte. Basically just gloss, shine and suede. 

Single eye shadows that worth RM10 for 3 too! I was searching like crazy because I always wanted a single eye shadow in my makeup collection; and now I have 3. I cannot wait to play with these colors. 


Do not freak out with the color. It is pink now, but once applied on the skin it gives a gorgeous glow with a little hint of pink. Worth my RM15 because it is such a gorgeous and unique highlight. I can use it for eye shadow too or a blush, right? Doesn't mean it's meant for highlight, you are restricted. Just play around with it :)

That's that. Have you ever went to the Revlon warehouse sale? This is my first time and I enjoyed it! Till then x