Things I Do When I Don't Have The Mood To Write A New Post | Lenne Zulkiflly

There are days where I feel so sluggish and not in the mood to write. Let's be honest, you don't always want to write, no? Especially when you are a full-time college student or you are a full-time working mommy or whatever it is, trust me, you will have 'that' day. I tried to write but I feel like everything I managed to jot down is terrible. However, there are things I do when the mood to write is just not there.

Update old photos

I love to update photos in my previous blog posts just because it shows how far I have come to the journey, especially with my photography skill. Now, I'm still getting the hang of it, I know they are not the best however I'm doing it. Practice makes perfect, right? I just edit a little something here and there or I will change the filter of the old photos or better yet take a new one.

Update my previous posts

I do this all the time where I will check back my previous posts and spot typo errors, broken links, or anything that seemed wrong. I made a few changes in my How Did I Begin Blogging post. I changed the photo and a tad bit of the content as well. I like to do this because I'm not the same person I was 2 minutes ago.

Things I Do When I Don't Have The Mood To Write A New Post | Lenne ZulkifllyBefore I edit the photo (the one in the outlined pink box)

Things I Do When I Don't Have The Mood To Write A New Post | Lenne ZulkifllyAfter I edit the photo

Planning ahead

I usually write a post outline about whatever comes into my mind. It's just an outline, I don't even have a suitable title for it as I can edit them later on. It's okay, nobody is going to see it. Honestly, it may be gibberish and horrible-looking but from there I will find a precious idea to create a full post. That way, I don't suck the fun out of writing. I love writing, and I don't want to hate doing something I love.

Re-read my 'glory' posts

Whenever I don't feel like writing, I choose to read. I read just about anything and one thing I like to do is re-read the posts I have written a while back. I will go back and read them one by one and I will get motivated by them! And I will re-read the comments as well 😉 It's not a major thing, I called it glory just because I'm still getting views from it up until now. Thank you so much!

Bloglovin' ftw

I save the best for last 👐 Bloglovin' has a way better dashboard than Blogger, hands down. I'm so sorry Blogger but you have to step up your dashboard game. Bloglovin' is like a playground to me now where I make sure to goof around and enjoy my time spend hours and hours reading awesome blog posts and I'm moved by them. How can I not?

What do you do when you're not in the mood to write?