If you don't already know, I take all of my photos using my one and only smartphone. I don't have DSLR or even a compact camera though I really want to invest in one and I'm lusting after Olympus Pen. Anyway, my photos go through lots of editing and I spend hours and hours to get them to look decent. I'm well aware that my photos are nowhere near as great, as professional as some other bloggers' photos. I'm no photoshop expert, I don't even have photoshop. All of my editing and tweaking gets done on my must-have photo editing apps below!


Gworlll, Snapseed is my most used photo editing app, hands down. Snapseed is bae. It's free, it comes with filters and superb basic editing tools. It also has this interesting brush tool to spot adjust exposure, saturation, temperature, and dodge and burn. It's very handy! It's what I usually use to achieve a true white background in my photos because we all know sometimes lighting can be a bitch. It's a great app, whoever created the app on Play Store, you're the real MVP. If you guys looking for a basic editing app that has almost everything in it, then Snapseed is for you. 


I'm pretty sure everyone knows about VSCO. It's one of the most popular photo editing apps. It's also free, comes with editing tools and lots of pretty filters. I usually use VSCO right after I use Snapseed. I prefer editing with Snapseed first and then for finishing touches I prefer VSCO. Just a little FYI, I usually don't put any filters for my photos because they tend to get a little overboard and I like to avoid adjusting things too much. I want my photos to look as if they're naturally taken by a DSLR or something. In my opinion, VSCO's sharpening and tint tools are pretty decent compare to other editing apps. 


Phonto is exactly what I use whenever I want to add text to a photo. I've been using Phonto for many many years now. It's such a handy app and even if you're a newbie, you'll not have much trouble using this app. It's easy to use and you'll get the hang of it pretty much instantly. This app also allows you to download your own desired fonts, it does provide you with tons of fonts but I just prefer to download my own fonts from DaDont! It's da bomb dot com. 

What are your must-have photo editing apps?