Why Fonts Matter | A Little Tips and Favorite Body Fonts

I am going to say it, I am a font snob. I have a weird obsession with typography. I love it when the font has some sophistication to it. It could add more value to your blog, seriously. It is one of the attention grabbers! I sometimes judge a blog based on the choice of font. #SorryNotSorry

The readability of your blog matters. A lot. At least to me. I came across quite a number of local and foreign blogs that have beautiful templates with amazeballs contents using fancy fonts that are hard to read, and guess what I do? Yup, I close the page.

The font you are using should be accessible on the reader's eyes and you should make it convenient for people to read. Imagine you have to stress your eyes to read an article that uses 10px cursive script. How annoying. You have a great content, you want the people to read but you are not helping the readers to understand. 

You also want to develop a style into your writing, your content. This one gotta relate with your theme as it says a lot about your quality, skills and professionalism. You sure don't want to shoo people away with that one-word-is-normal-and-the-rest-is-in-bold-italicized-and-underlined-writing-style, am I right or am I right? Stop stressing people with that poor choice of font, and now poor writing style? It's 2018, people. Less is more.

Why Fonts Matter | A Little Tips and Favorite Body Fonts
Here are some of my favorite fonts and the reason why I love them and why you should too.

Raleway [Preview/ Download]

  • Raleway is just so unique on its own and is so sophisticated
  • It is pleasing to the eyes, professional-looking
  • Appropriate for both body text and headings
  • Raleway is my 'first love'

Karla [Preview/ Download]

  • It suits a girl so much (read: beauty and lifestyle blog) 
  • It feels sophisticated
  • Easy to read
  • You just have to pair it with the suitable size and you are good to go

Playfair Display [Preview/ Download]

  • The aesthetic element in Playfair Display is just to die for
  • It is fancy and curved a little but easy to read
  • It flatters any blog that uses it
  • I love to use Playfair Display for a lot of my headings

Open Sans [Preview/ Download]

  • One of the most used fonts for websites
  • Simple and easily readable 
  • Excellent for body text
  • I personally love whoever uses this font on their website because it's approachable and stylish!

Oswald [Preview/ Download]

  • Classic font
  • Simple, beautiful and readable
  • Fits best for heading

Montserrat [Preview/ Download]

  • Most popular web font
  • Classic and has an excellent readibility
  • I love the simplicity of the letters and it is prettier than Open Sans hehe 

Lora [Preview/ Download]

  • Minimal type of font and suitable for minimalist blogs
  • Has a little curve and awesome italics
  • Versatile, great for both body font and heading
  • With the perfect size, Lora will appear superb for your website!
I am no expert in this department. The whole post is just mainly based on my interest and observation. To me content readability is no joke. It can affect one's experience, impression and the time that the reader spends on your blog. Nonetheless, I hope you can benefit a little from this and I hope you enjoyed!
What font are you using on your blog? What are your favorite go-to fonts? 


  1. My favourite font always be Raleway too. I find it so comfortable to read on the big or small screen. Would love to check out the others fonts too 😊

  2. my fav is Montserrat, sebab mudah baca dan nampak bold :D

    1. Betul tu BV, Montserrat memang nampak bold and bulat bulat je hehehe

  3. Me too! I always judge a blog based on the choice of the font. I don't like fancy and colorful fonts. I've came across a blog that use yellow as the body font color 😅

    I love Playfair Display and Raleway! But currently I'm using Karla for my blog.

  4. I love didact gothic & muli, tapi ramai sangat pakai sekarang rasa macam tak best, ahahaha. Btw, you got really got taste in choosing font. Mai pun sejenis yang pentingkan typography dalam design blog.