A Drugstore Beauty and Skincare Haul | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Hello there ladies (and gents)! Today is all about another haul of bits and pieces that I have picked up mainly from my local Watsons and Guardian (you know how big my love towards drugstores) and figured I would share them with all of you. There's actually a lot more than what I will be sharing today but I have talked about them on the blog before, I don't want to sound like a broken record y'know? So I would say just sit back, relax and enjoy!

I haven't bought that much makeup for the past few weeks because I didn't need more of them but I just couldn't resist this Maybelline Fit Me! Blush anymore because I have been meaning to get my hands on it since forever! By the way, I have it in the shade Wine Bourgogne and honestly, the color is super pritz, it has a really beautiful sheen to it but one thing though, it doesn't last that long on my cheeks :(

A Drugstore Beauty and Skincare Haul | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

When it comes to skincare, that is one thing that I can never try to pull myself together and buy because there are just so many of them and I am honestly so overwhelmed! That's why I got 2 toners at the same time just because. So I got the Simple Soothing Facial Toner and the Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Moist-In Water Lotion. I really love them so far and I use both of these in my every day skincare routine. I will apply the Simple toner first on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face and then I'll go in with the Bio Essence toner where I just pour a few drops onto my palm and gently pat into my skin.

I've got another Bio Essence product which is the moisturizer. You guys know how deep my love towards the aloe vera gel I am currently using and it has been my only moisturizer for ages now! So I was like, alright, let's switch it up a little bit and I went to buy a new moisturizer which is the Bio Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturizing Gel. I checked the reviews online and people are loving it. I am kinda on the fence, I need to try it a little more before I can make up my mind about it.

Honestly speaking, I bought my current beauty blender not long ago maybe some time in April but just by the look at it, it went through a lot. That's why I went out and pick up a new one and who doesn't love the feeling of using a new Beauty Blender.. or my personal favorite, booty blender.

A Drugstore Beauty and Skincare Haul | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

I also got a super cute nail lacquer! (Disclaimer: I only wear this when it is the "time of the month") It is the Nail It! With Bloop in the color 008. I always come across Bloop's standee at Watsons I believe but never really care about it. This time around, I bought it simply because I want to try it and they have heaps of beautiful colors to choose from. It's.. alright, not the best, not the fastest drying nail lacquer on earth but it lasts longer than I thought.

Last but not least, I got a nail polish remover from Bloop. It's a NEED when you buy a nail lacquer. Anyway, it really is a good nail polish remover in my opinion because it removes 90 percent of the nail polish in one swipe! It's dirt cheap too, what's not to like?

Have you tried any of these products?