What I'd Do When I Couldn't Sleep | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Working at 8.30 in the morning doesn't do justice to my sleep pattern. Actually, there were days when I was extremely tired and I slept before the clock hits 11 pm. But that's that. I typically sleep when the day is about to hit the dawn. I know it's bad, be it for my own health or my every day performance etc etc.

I guess that explains a lot why my skin is driving me crasssy! Well, I can't really help it when my crazy-hormone-ridden brain sometimes just enjoy sleeping at 4-5 in the morning. I know.

Listening to music

I don't know why this is like the perfect time for me to digging all the way back and searching bunch of my old favorites tracks. It's weird but they comfort me. You will be catching me listening to Crush by David Archuleta or even Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo! I am such an emotional wreck, I know.


Yes, I stretch. On the bed. Ultimately, this helps me getting into deep sleep. Oh boy, lord knows the day I was running late to work. Bad day. Anyway, it helps me relax, big time. I just simply put my legs up against the wall and I will alternatively do some light leg and arm exercises.

I drink something hot

When I couldn't sleep, I always drink something hot. I grew up watching my mom always making herself a cup of coffee before she sleeps. But y'all know the drill, I cut all connection with my dearly missed, sugary drinks. The moment I sacrificed them for the better, I only take a glass of warm water with me to bed. *sigh

It would have been a glass of hot tea or hot chocolate! Anything hot, really. It could warm your body up for rest. People have said that chamomile really help puts you to sleep though. I would love to try!

Blogging / editing my blog

If this ain't the truth, I don't know what is. I will always find stuff to blog about (I'm so inspired after I changed my theme!) and what should I tweak to make my theme look nicer. The second one usually fails every time but I tried, okay?

Googling stuff

We're humans and we are always, always curious about bunch of stuff. And I am that person that always rely on Google and I think that's alright. There was one time where I spent the night googling weird stuff like "is it safe to eat your own booger" and I know it's honestly disgusting but I was so curious.

Turns out it really is safe and healthy for you. I know right. I am not one hundred percent sure about it, don't come at me lol. You can do your own research or read this.

I shop online

Last night, I spent a good amount of money on Sephora.com and it felt good. I always do my shopping late at night, I don't know why. I guess the silence calms me in choosing the items I want. That way, I won't be buying unnecessary stuff. I don't know, I just do. You best bet I'll be doing a post dedicated to it once they arrived. So can't wait!

What would you do if you can't sleep?