5 Ingredients I Look For In A Skincare Product | Oily Skin

Hello gorgeousness! Today I just want to share with you things that I look for in a skincare product, in terms of the ingredients. I know fancy and pretty packaging can trigger someone to try a certain product, but what matters most is the thing that you actually put on your face.

I know for a fact that I have to live with this type of skin for the rest of my life. There's nothing much I can do but I know something - at least, I don't make my skin more upset. That's all.

For month and months back, I have done a little bit of a research on my own; I read a shitload of skincare articles online, tried gazillion of products, spent hours in the store looking for 'the one' and do my own trial-and-error. So today is the day where I want to share the best ingredients to look for in a skincare product for my oily skin sista out there.


Niacinamide helps to absorb sebum, reduces your acne, improves the appearance of large pores, skin tone and texture. Using products with niacinamide will help your skin to balance its sebum level along the way. Not to mention, it won't leave your skin feeling dehydrated! Even though you are already getting so much 'moisture' from your own oil, you need to moisturize, still. I am currently loving the Hansaegee Nature's moisturizer as it contains pretty high niacinamide content in it.

Clay-based products

Adding clay-based products such as clay masks can be a lifesaver for your skin. Why? Clay helps absorb oil and mattify the skin. Added to that, if your skin is not behaving well, this ingredient is also 'the star of the show' at helping to calm angry zits/active pimples. I really recommend Freeman Mint and Lemon Clay Mask or The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

Glycolic Acid

You also want to look products that will help minimize the appearance of pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove excess oil all in one. With the use of right toners, it will go a long way. A toner containing glycolic acid offers just what you need. I recommend adding Pixi Glow Tonic or 30 Days Miracle Toner from Some By Mi or any products with AHA/BHA in your skincare regimen and you're good to go.

Vitamin C

Other than those three ingredients, I will always in the hunt for products with added vitamin c. It is a good ingredients to look for because our oily skin loves vitamin c, especially mine! It can minimize pores, acne, moisturizes, brightens and able to reduce fine lines after constant usage. You can always search for vitamin c-packed products in the drugstore, and I love the Wardah C-Defense with Vitamin C Serum. It is water soluble, lightweight and won't cause breakouts.

Salicylic acid

Sometimes, when I picked up a product and it contains salicylic acid in it, I automatically want to give a try (same goes with niacinamide). Why you asked? Because I know salicylic acid really gets into the pores, unclog the pores, sucks the oil and impurities out and making the pores appear smaller. You can give Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash a try if you're suffering from clogged pores and breakouts.

What skincare ingredients that you are always look for?