How I Revamp My Old Blog Posts & Give Them A New Life | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Hello gorgeousness! I feel like this tag (or label, if you will) particularly has been touched very little on my blog. Mainly because I always picture myself as an amateur. 9 years down the road doesn't give me the ticket to talk about lots of blog stuff, I guess? Anyway, if I am being honest, some of my older posts make me cringe to the core. Just the thought of opening them and worst case, anyone else reading them. Ugh!

So I thought today it's about time for you and me to start revamping those older blog posts again and just bring them back to life through and through. I talked about these few tips before on this entry but that's that. If you have more tactics to share, comment them down below! #SharingIsCaring

  • General text/ typo errors/ choice of words improvements - These are the first up because, well, you are changing from time to time. You are not yourself anymore 5 or 6 years ago. Your choice of words might be better now and while you're at it, double check for any spelling errors. I always spot errors but I can't get away with it, still. There's always that one lil mistake that is so hard for you to spot.

  • Updating and replacing links - You do know that links can break, right? Broken links are bad for your SEO. It could be one of the reasons your SEO score is declining. The best way is to renew them and if you happen to have newer related posts to it, just add them in. The more the merrier. 

  • Adding things in - As I mentioned to adding things in, you're not restricted to only add links, y'know. I mean, let's say you have reviewed a product before and your opinions changed a year after that or your skincare routine has changed and you're not using most of the products in that post anymore. Adding things in to justify the old content is always useful and relevant. Just like what I did here.

How I Revamp My Old Blog Posts & Give Them A New Life | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

  • Keeping it fresh with better photos - Some of us don't like chunks-and-blocks-of-word-only kinda post. It doesn't hurt to add an image to accompany your blog post, no? If you don't have all the professional equipments, you can always opt for stock photos. However, if you want to take new photos by yourself, then by all means. It's all up to you. [Worth reading]

  • Do not simply delete them - Revert them to your draft instead. I know as we grow, some things are not necessary in our life anymore but that doesn't mean you have to cut ties with it immediately. They were once your source of traffic y'know. Just prevent them from the public eyes and that's what I did. I keep them in there forever at this moment until I change my mind to repost them again. But for now, they are safe and sound in my draft.

How do you revamp your older blog posts?