Hello, lovely humans. I posted quite a lot of beauty related posts, hence this is a beauty blog if you didn't notice but I'm pretty sure you did. I just love blogging. I've always loved writing since I was a kid and when I got into makeup, started a blog whatsoever, I just knew I wanted to run a beauty blog. It felt right, right from the start even though beauty blogging can be expensive. You cannot just let your obsessions with beauty products be gone just like that, right?

However, I do question myself a lot at times - is it really for me, though? Is beauty blogging right for me? I do ask myself silly questions like so even though I've done beauty blogging for many years now. Well, actually, it's not that difficult to figure out if beauty blogging is right for me or not.

So, how did I know beauty blogging is really for me?

Well, I have an obsession with beauty products. Meaning with makeup, skincare, nails, hair products, etc. Let's be honest, if you aren't really into buying makeup and you have a very minimal makeup collection or rarely wear it - beauty blogging is not for you, sweetie. Honestly, I'd be still just as obsessed with makeup even if I didn't have a blog. I love shopping for makeup. It makes me happy and excited. I know beauty blogging can be expensive (now I'm just repeating myself) but I never really mind spending lots of cash on beauty products. Btw, ever heard of this quote, "Do more of what makes you happy"? Exactly.

I love sharing my experiences with beauty products. It's a great enjoyment for me to share what I have been loving as well as the ones that didn't work out for me. I feel so accomplished when I give you guys product reviews because a lot of the time they're purchased by my own money. 

I personally think ideas for beauty contents are easily come to me rather than the rest. I have come to believe that beauty blogging does trigger some creativity in me. Although it's not much but still, it does a little. Some people may easily find creativeness when they read, so in my case, it's beauty blogging. I think it's nice to see a well-rounded content in a blog and as well as other beauty related post rather than just reviews.

I'm also hoping to become a well-known beauty blogger and turn my hobby into a full-blown career. If this is not something you would want if you have a beauty blog, then what's the point? Well, of course, to a certain extent I want to see my blog grow and turn into something. Whether to turn it into a career and work from home or focus on another job and have it as a part-time thing. Anything would do. But to be quite honest, I still love blogging whether it turns into something or not. I know I'll have this passion in me for a long, long time and the general love of beauty blogging in me just never lacks. 

And that, my friend, wraps up this blog post. I hope you find this a fun and interesting read. Have a wonderful day or night and see you in the next post!

Bloggers, how did you know a certain blogging niche is right for you?