Ways To Improve Your Blog Even If You Have No Money To Spend

Hello, gorgeousness! I know I've been absent on this site for quite a while. Honestly, I just don't feel like blogging so I left for a minute and now I'm back, feeling even better.

Anyway, as you can read from the title I'm going to share how you can improve your blog even if you're on a tight budget or you just don't want to spend money on your blog. It's your preference but I remember when I first started my blog I don't want to invest any penny on it at all because it seems ridiculous to spend on intangible items. But I'm glad I'm not in that phase anymore.

Right now, I would do anything to make my blog feel lively and professional if you will. So, if you're thinking of taking your blog to the next level but don't want to spend money on it, you're in the right place. Hopefully, it will help!

Ways To Improve Your Blog Even If You Have No Money To Spend

Working on your DA score
I discovered this thing last year. If you don't know what DA is, it stands for Domain Authority and it is some kind of a measurement that tells people how well your blog is performing on search engines. The higher the DA score, the better. I'm really pushing it because I was 10 a few months ago and now I'm at 15. It's not easy to increase your DA score but when you do, lots of brands/ companies will look forward to working with you. I'm aiming to be at 20 at least towards the end of this year hopefully. 

Quality over quantity
The more often you update your blog, the more traffic it will receive. There's no denying that. Google really gives higher priority to websites with regular content, so this will improve your website's performance on the search engines too. But please don't write rubbish content for the sake of getting more attention from search engines. I'm just saying. No offense.

Broken links are a no-no
If you don't have the money to spend on your blog, make sure you have the time to check on broken links on your blog. This is super simple. All you have to do is to make sure all of your links work on your blog. Let's say your social media links are broken, you could literally be missing out on connecting with new followers or potential collaborations.

Titles play a big part
You don't have all of that professional, polished-looking blog, but when you have intriguing and attention-grabbing blog titles, I think you don't need a 100 ringgit blog theme to go with that. Titles will help potential readers decide whether they should click around and read more. For instance, I almost go with "How To Improve Your Blog" for this blog post but that sounded so boring and nothing that you can't find on the internet. So I did some brainstorming and came out with "Ways To Improve Your Blog Even If You Have No Money To Spend". I will definitely click on that, for sure.

Working on your own photography
I admit I don't take nice flat lays but I think every time I took some photos of products to go with a blog post, they're pretty decent and eyecatching, and sometimes I do get compliments for my simple photography. You don't need professional equipment for that, at least for me. If you do have a nice, high-quality camera, you do you, boo. But I've been blogging for ages and I don't own a single DSLR camera to take better photographs for my blog. All you need is good lighting, a phone, and great editing apps!

All in all, I can't stress this enough but I personally don't write when I feel like I don't want to write. It's something that I can't push. If it feels drudgery, I'd a hundred percent take a break from writing and come back when I feel better. I want to have fun with blogging. I want to write something I love and actually want to write about. And you should too. Don't write about things for the sake of thinking it will help you grow as a blogger. One can tell when a blogger's heart isn't really into what they're doing.
How do you improve your blog without spending a penny on it?


  1. That's a good point Lenne :D Apa opinion Lenne abt language for blogging? Kalau tak berapa nak pro sangat English, better in malay atau macam mana?

    1. It's a complicated question to answer. It depends on your goals with your blog and which language will give you the most secure feeling I guess? Lenne banyak je stumble upon malay written blogs and they're doing so well and cara dorang write is not so baku but tak jugak rempit lol and I like it. So yeah, it depends. Either way pun still boleh tarik audience, readers and dapat banyak brand deals :)

  2. Checking old posts and if there are grammar errors is my way to improve my blog.

    1. That is one great advice, rasya! Definitely my method too sometimes.