Hello, gorgeousness! Currently writing this post while FaceTiming my man and listening to him singing Ratuku by Awie as background sound is just *heart eyes emoji* all the way. Thanks for putting up with me, I know I'm not in my best state at the moment.

Anyway, hi guys. I couldn't remember when was the last time  I actually, really 'talked' to you guys as I was quite busy with work stuff. Well, it's not that busy but life definitely got in the way and I just love spending time with my family and colleagues more. Aaaand if you're not following me on Instagram where I post quite a lot of IG stories every day, I got my first glasses!

I genuinely had been avoiding it and everybody's been like "Lenne, you really have to get glasses now". They noticed me squinting all the time and sometimes tearing up out of nowhere and laughed at me. It's really effective you know, now that I got glasses considering how I hate my face with glasses on. Anyway, I got the AR (anti-reflection/ anti-glare/ I don't know if this is the legit term) glasses and it's supposed to help me when I'm outside most of the time when the sun is blazing. It definitely makes my day now and I should probably stop whining about how bad I look with glasses on.

I think I look best in the square hijab. What say you?

Off-topic but coconut drink has been something that I've been consuming every second of every day. I know this can't be healthy for me but honestly, it's so refreshing and I keep wanting it more. I've been ditching my everyday tea and this is some serious case. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've repurchased that drink in a day. It's insane. I might gain 5 pounds from that drink alone.

In order to make me feel better again, I had put myself on a spending detox diet (if you will) on Shopee for over a month! I didn't buy a single unnecessary thing for over a month on Shopee which is shocking because blame that marketplace for having everything so freaking cheap. Btw, it went so well, guys. I'm proud of myself. I was only going to do this for two weeks but the first two weeks went pretty well so I just keep going for the rest of the month. It definitely trained me to recognize which purchases were impulses and which ones were about investing that would lead to greater happiness.

Resisting on buying stuff on Shopee alone has made me want to pare down the stuff that I currently have. I already have a plan to go through my closet and book pile to see what I can let go of. I'm absolutely on a roll and I can see the long term effect, I think I'm going to try this for another few months. Wish me luck!

Nonetheless, I'm currently not in my best condition. This month alone I've already been in 3 sick leaves and I'm one that rarely on sick leave or MC. This speaks a lot about my health. I think I'm going to be 'absent', yet again, in this place that I love so much. I'll be back when I feel much better.

Wishing you all a lovely day! Be seeing you xx