8 Useful Tips On Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

8 Useful Tips On Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

Hello, gorgeousness! Photography blogging is not my forte but having a blog will automatically lure you to dive into the photography/ flatlay pond. I am by no means a professional photographer. I don't own any DSLR, to begin with. But I thought it might be helpful to share with you my tips and tricks when it comes to taking blog photos ourselves and how you can be better at it.

8 tips to take better photos for your blog:

Use a bright background

Using bright background helps when working with a limited light source. This is a useful trick for those of you who have a smaller room or space to work with. White, beige, and nude colours are some of the great choices since it's simple and lean more towards clean-looking. I personally love a marble background because it can hide shadows (if that's what you're up to) easily so your flatlays are popping or my recent favourite is this fluffy white carpet.

Natural light is the way to go

Natural lighting is almost always the best lighting you can use for your photos. I am not a professional photographer, but if you ask one they probably will tell you the same thing. Indoor shots near the window with curtains up to let the sunlight in will work best. It's my method, personally. I usually wait for the afternoon sun because that's the easiest light to work with. I can manipulate the shadows on whatever I am photographing. 

Let's see the photos I took for my blog just to compare which one is better in terms of lighting.

8 Useful Tips On Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

8 Useful Tips On Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

The left one is obviously better. Both photos were taken indoors but the left one was a shot near a window with the curtains up and the one on the right was not and was poorly taken using my bedroom light, hence the quality of the photo. 

Play around with framing

Framing is basically how you adjust the angle of your camera so that your photos turn out nice with whatever your subject is. I usually place my subject in the center and I will play around with the frame where sometimes I want the subject to be on one side of the frame and not center. This one is definitely a long time coming for me. It takes practice after practice and you will get there too. 

Just take plenty of photos

When taking photos, experiment with different arrangements and this is where learning about framing is useful. I typically take dozens of photos and choose the best shots to show the world. You don't need to get it right in one try. Taking plenty of photos will give you a lot to choose from. It's always better that way as well as to train you to take better shots.

You don't need to spend a fortune

Smartphone cameras have gotten really, really good in recent years, and you absolutely can take beautiful photos using only smartphones, I tell you. You don't need to invest in a beast of a DSLR to take good photos. It's all about composition, how much you style your photos, and how strategic the location of the shot is.

Spice it up with some props

When you take photos it can be handy to have some props to style those photos. It can be a game-changer! Props can be anything. Yes, anything you can think of. Scarfs, makeup brushes, books, shirts, fake (or even real) plants, dried flowers, a cup of tea, to name a few. Anything that can give your pictures some life. 

Or keep it simple

Some say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And I am not mad at it. A lot of the time, crowding up your photos with too many props and decor can defeat the purpose of your photography and you will up with a less professional photo. I am all about simplicity now more than ever. I will always have my subject in the frame and add at least a prop like fake flowers to accompany my subject. If you're a beginner, starting out simple is always a great idea and try to add new elements to your photos as you go.

Enhance with editing

A little editing won't hurt anybody. It's there to help enhance the photo's elements. You don't have to be an expert to make small changes that will make your photos better. I use Lightroom to edit most of my photos. If you haven't invested in Lightroom, now is the time. It can take a good photo to another level of great. Having been there and done it, I recommend not over-editing your photos. You don't need crazy filters or dramatic colour changes, just keep things simple and crisp. 

With all these tips, I would say experiment, experiment, experiment. Take as many shots as you can until you find the right way to do it. Nobody was ever born knowing how to take photos, let alone for a blog. Baby steps. Don't get discouraged by all the nice pictures you see on other blogs. I hope my tips were useful to you in any way!

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Do you take your own photos? What's your secret to taking better photos for your blog?


  1. I use to display all sorts of things when I take flatlay photos. But now I like to keep it simple, as simple as I could.
    Btw, loving your photos, they all so pretty!

    1. Simple is my way to go as of now. Thanks Tqa! xx

  2. Thank you for those tips. I will try to do it next time :) x