Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey there! Sorry it took me forever to get to this post. Life was hectic with finals and stuff! But big shoutout to Rasya for tagging me. Loved reading her answers. Now, onto the 11 questions she sent my way. Let's get into it, shall we? *throws confetti*

1. If you're an electronic appliance, what'll you be?

Oh, an electronic appliance, you say? Well, I wouldn't know, honestly! But, if you asked me, "If you were a kitchen gadget, what would you be?" I'd probably pick the refrigerator. You know why? Because it's always filled with tasty treats! #Foodie #FoodIsLyfe

2. The last book you read.

Sales management, I guess? It was for my next final paper.

3. But wait, do you read?

I do but as of now, I don't have much time to spare and pick up a book. I have priorities LOL.

4. If so, what're your favorite authors?

I read a lot of Sophie Kinsella's and Cecelia Ahern's, so I guess they are considered my favourite. I do love Sidney Sheldon's writings though but I only read probably a couple of his books.

5. Recommend me a book.

Aha, I don't know what to recommend. Really. Sorry!

6. What do you visualize yourself as in the future?

Well, honestly, I'm not entirely sure, but when I picture it, I see myself as a happy businesswoman, with a loving husband, cozy home, and a cute cat to cuddle with every day. I want us to have enough to get by comfortably and to tick off those dream destinations on my list. I know it might seem like a cheesy answer, but it's what pops into my head every time! I've always been a big dreamer, you know? Who doesn't want a bright future? I'm all about striving to be the best version of myself. I might not end up a big shot, but success, for me, is carving out my own path, giving it my all and happily doing it.

7. The biggest decision that you regret making.

Wow, this question happens to be really hard to answer because I've got loads swirling in my head, and honestly, I'm not sure which one to go for. Ahhh I don't know which one to choose so come back to me in like five years. 

*UPDATE: I wish I had taken my blog more seriously right from the start. It has so much potential, and I believe it could have achieved some really cool things by now!

8. Why do you blog?

I blog because I just love writing! It's like my thing. I jot down stuff in my notebook ALL the time. And you know what's cool? Sharing my thoughts online and checking out what other bloggers are up to. It's like this big community of sharing and discovering. Oh, and the best part? Meeting awesome people like you guys! Seriously, I've met some cool people here. We should totally hang out sometime, don't you think? Haha!

9. The meaning behind your blog URL and name.

Well, it's kinda obvious. I just mashed up my dad's name with my name to get it. Back in high school, this girl in my class started calling me Lenne, and it kinda stuck. So, I figured, why not? And now, here we are! The reason why I chose this URL is that if my blog ever did become successful, I want myself to be known as Lenne Zulkiflly.

10. Recommend me a blog that you always read.

Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty!

11. Is blogging fun?

Heck yeah! Blogging is seriously the best! I mean, think about it—there are like a ton of blogs out there with all sorts of writing styles, and it's just so much fun to explore them. I could totally spend hours on my computer, hopping from one blog to another, checking out ones I already follow and discovering new ones too. It's just awesome to see people getting super excited about what they're writing about, you know? Like, their passion totally shines through, and it's really inspiring. Whenever I read a really great blog post, it's like an instant motivation boost for me to keep writing on my own blog, even when I feel like procrastinating. It's just such a cool way for busy gals like me to share what we love and connect with others. Love it!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful day x


  1. Baguslah jadi Peti Ais, sejuk... jangan jadi Oven, panas memanjang... hihi...

  2. hahahhaha comel sangat jadi refrigerator, kena penuh sentiasa tu. :D
    yeahh, i love reading erin's posts too :)

  3. You know what, my url is also my name and it is for the same reason as yours. I thought I was the only one has such thinking since most famous bloggers don't use their name. I just did this last saturday and recommend erin as well. What are the odds right?

    1. Or maybe because I don't have to like brainstorm only to come up with an url lol. I have a name, you have your own name so why not, no?

  4. Peti ais jugak! Haha. Banyak makanan, yes! Hii.

    Siqah suka Sophie Kinsella dan Cecelia Ahern 😍 novel mereka tak pernah mengecewakan. Now tengah baca Flawed by Cecelia :)

    And yes, of course, blogging is fun!! 😊

    1. Peti ais ftw! hahaha

      Sophie Kinsella dgn Cecelia Ahern memang best, writing style dorang tu ugh best! haha flawed memang best Siqah :)