This is legit a long LONG overdue post that should have been up in the month of March but I was super duper busy preparing myself, physically, mentally and emotionally for my finals. Why I still decided to write this post, anyway? Because answering questions online is fun! But not online quizzes, though. You would not know what are the questions; they are pretty random and rare, like the one I have got here. Anyway, I was tagged by Rasya and thank you so much for tagging me! I enjoyed reading yours <3 Here I'm going to answer 11 questions by her and let's get started!

1. If you're an electronic appliance, what'll you be?

An electronic appliance, huh? I wouldn't know, honestly. However, if I could twist the question a little bit and took "If you are a kitchen appliance. what would you be?" I will go with the refrigerator. Why? Because I get to stuffed with food all the time. #FoodMatters #Foodie 

2. The last book you read.

I don't know. Sales management, I guess? It was for my next final paper. If I could be real honest with you guys, it was a book by Jenny Han and it was like three months ago. Sorry not sorry.

3. But wait, do you read?

I do but as of now, I don't enjoy reading that much. I have priorities.

4. If so, what're your favorite authors?

I read a lot of Sophie Kinsella's and Cecelia Ahern's, so I guess they are considered as my favorite. I do love Sidney Sheldon's writings though but I only read like probably three of his books.

5. Recommend me a book.

Aha, I don't know what to recommend. Really. Sorry!

6. What do you visualise yourself as in the future?

This is like a very common interview question, am I right? I wouldn't know, honestly. But all that I can picture is that I'm a successful businesswoman (just like Neelofa!), happily married with my significant other, have cute and adorable babies, living in a nice house, earning a certain amount of money and going to places I wanted to visit and all good vibes. I know it sounds very typical to some of you but this is like my answer every time I get asked such question haha! It sounds really fairytale-like, am I right? But I'm that person who always dreamed about all good things about my future. Who wouldn't want that, no? However, you can't really predict what will be thrown in your way. I guess I can picture myself focusing on being the best version of me that I can be. I may not be a successful businesswoman like Neelofa but I can be successful in my own way. That when I know I'm living the best life. I will focus my attention on what I do have, not on what I lack, I guess :)

7. The biggest decision that you regret making.

Wow, this question happens to be really hard to answer because I have tons of them and I don't know which one to choose so come back to me in like five years.

8. Why do you blog?

Well, I blog simply because I could write. I love writing, and I still do. I write in my notebook all the time. Plus, I love sharing new things to the people online and I love discovering new things from other bloggers too. Apart from writing and sharing, I love getting to know awesome people here! I have known a bunch of them and I just really want to hangout with you guys haha!

9. The meaning behind your blog URL and name.

It's pretty self-explanatory. It's my nickname combined with my father's name. I came up with this nickname because my classmate kept calling me Lenne back then when I was thirteen or fourteen. And here we are now. The reason why I chose this URL because if my blog ever did become successful, I want myself to be known as Lenne Zulkiflly.

10. Recommend me a blog that you always read.

ERIN AZMIR! Hey gurl, heyyy! I'm not saying this because she's my babe but she's the real deal, guys. I just love reading her blog because she loves to throw a bit of her personal life on the blog, I mean come on! Sometimes you do want to know the reality of that particular blogger. No one wants a straight up beauty post in a month but I wouldn't mind that. But honestly, it adds up more fun while browsing through the blogger's website. And yes, I get so inspired by her blog, her writings and all. So, Erin it is!

11. Is blogging fun?

Heck yeah! Just the idea of came across thousands of blogs and thousands of different writing styles are just super fun. I can spend days sitting in front of my computer and doing my usual blogwalking on blogs I followed and visiting new ones as well. Seeing people really passionate in what they are talking and seeing them really into what they are doing, just amazes me. I will instantly get so inspired and I think that's the beauty of blogging, it inspires a lot of people out there to share what they love, to lend a voice on that particular issue and to motivate a busy-school-girl-who-always-procrastinates like me to blog more. Heh.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day x