Well, hello there!

It’s me, Lenne.

The editor, creative force, and the gal behind LENNE That Lifestyle Blogger I'm in my 20s, freelancing and loving life with my cat, a cup of tea, and feel-good movies, while constantly capturing the sky's beauty. I'm a gentle Sagittarius soul, I have been blogging since I was 14, my bullet journal is my creative outlet, rainy days are my jam, and I'm a lifelong Swiftie. When I’m not blogging, you can find me at Sisters & Brushes, where I run our small business with my little sis. 

I created this space for my own personal growth and it blossomed into a goldmine of thoughts and a hub for sharing my little joys with the world ✿

A little bit about the blog:

I founded LENNE • That Lifestyle Blogger in 2015, jumping from two previous blogs deemed “unsuccessful” (or cringe, yes, you can say that). Here, you will find a world of happy and inspiring content—my journey towards a more fulfilling life. Join me as I explore new experiences, reflect on personal growth, and seek inspiration in everyday moments.

You'll dig this space if you love: beauty talks, tea (not the drama type, or maybe a little?), makeup and skincare, affordable finds, lazy Sundays, finding joy in little things as well as the big, self-care, bullet journaling, romanticizing life, cozy things, Taylor Swift, lists and lots of them, self-growth, and many more!