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Hello there! I'm Lenne, a twenty-something beauty blogger based in Malaysia. I love blogging and all things beauty. And that says a lot. I play with makeup and sometimes skincare one too many times. I also love to binge-watch beauty-related videos on YouTube and I love taking sunset photos. Apart from that, I do workout, sing, and bullet journaling every other day too. Get to know me more here where I shared 20 bits and bops about me and just have a click (or two) around and hopefully, you will know me better!
This blog is not my first blog. Surprise! It's my third blog which I relaunched in October 2015. If you wish to know how I got into blogging, my blogging journey, and all that jazz, I made quite a number of posts back then. One of them is this, where I shared embarrassing blogging moments I used to had. And that's that. I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!