Focallure 18 Shades Full Function Palette in 01 Bright Lux

Focallure 18 Shades Full Function Palette in 01 Bright Lux | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
I am so excited about today's post! I have been meaning to do a review the moment I got it, played with it and swatched it. So, today I will be reviewing Focallure's eyeshadow palette. If you haven't heard of Focallure, it is a makeup brand from China. It is quite popular because the quality of their eyeshadows is pretty amazing. I was so excited to get my hands on it so I decided to buy one from this Shopee seller.


The eyeshadow is housed in black cardboard packaging. I mean, for the price, you cannot expect much. Although it is cardboard, it feels decent. There are plenty of brands that came out with packaging like this. I do not have any issue with that. It has a magnetic closure that keeps the eyeshadow safe and sound.


There are 18 shades in this palette, hence the name. You get 10 matte shades, 1 satin shade and 7 freaking awesome metallic, foiled, glittery shades. I figured the color scheme is ranging from oranges, terracotta to berry tones. I like the fact that each color has its own name, which makes it easier to explain.

Texture & pigmentation

As I swatch the matte shades with my fingers, I can feel that they were a little too pressed down because it was barely any fallout. Although I said such stuff, I do not know how they do it but most of them are so buttery still, and so pigmented! There are a couple of shades that did not show up that nice and the pigmentation was just not there but overall it is a pretty awesome palette.

Meanwhile, the metallic, foiled, glittery goodness shades, are all gorgeous! I was so blown away by them. The colors show up really intense, the pigmentation is definitely there, spot-on, mind-blowing and just great across the board. They are best applied with your fingers rather than a brush because it is more bling that way.


Focallure 18 Shades Full Function Palette in 01 Bright Lux | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
Bottom row

Focallure 18 Shades Full Function Palette in 01 Bright Lux | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
Middle row

Focallure 18 Shades Full Function Palette in 01 Bright Lux | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
Upper row


Great for beginners
Minimal fallout
Decent pigmentation
Does not irritate my eyes


Some shades tend to get muddy as they blend
Some colors are dry and stiff


All in all, this palette is amazing. Almost all colors are great and beautiful. If you love playing with makeup but still does not want to spend so much money, I would say go for it. It would not break the bank, no? I mean, the pigmentation is something you could find in a, I would say, Maybelline and Catrice eyeshadow palettes. So, it is really nice to own one of these palettes.

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Have you tried this eyeshadow palette?


  1. Are the ingredients used safe?

  2. Yes :) You can read the ingredients on their website. All the ingredients are commonly found in cosmetics, in my opinion. Nothing is dangerous, but you should be careful if you are allergic to Phenoxyethanol as it is one of the ingredients :)

  3. Been wondering to try this out, same goes to other products like lipstick, foundation etc from focallure but well I heard and read a lot of negative comments about the quality :/

    1. I too was thinking numerous times whether to get this palette or not. I have to give it to Fatin Zakki on Youtube for liking and approving this palette. So, I have to try it on myself. I was pleasantly surprised because for that price, it's not a bad product at all. You can make it work and I've created so many looks ever since I got it and it's safe to say that I had minimal to no issue at all. So far so good. It's normal for a product to have drawbacks and people not liking them etc etc. There's no such thing as perfect palette/ product :)

  4. This palette looks beautiful and the swatches look decent as well x