How To Layer Your Skincare

So, with Eid coming up in just several days from now, I think it is wonderful for me to share with you guys how to layer your skincare. I mean, we still have time to look good before the big event, so do not waste this opportunity. You may own the most effective, proven-to-do-magic, expensive skincare products but somehow it still doesn't work on your skin. One of the reasons is that you did not layer it correctly.

how to layer your skincare:

double cleanse

I really recommend double cleansing your face because some facial cleansers work effectively this way. If you do a double cleanse, you have been doing it right. Now, there are options when it comes to double cleanse:

  • oil-based makeup remover - more suitable for people with dry skin type 
  • water-based makeup remover - more suitable for people with oily skin type
And only then go in with your regular facial wash. I have oily skin, so my routine goes like this: water-based makeup remover > facial wash. 


While the skin is slightly damp, apply your favorite toner. The purpose of a toner is to remove any makeup residue or excess dirt that your cleanser is incapable of removing as well as to balance the skin's pH. Toners are great to provide hydration, tighten your pores and plump up the skin.


This is the right time to put on your pimple creams, tea tree oils, vitamin c etc. It is because your skin is all cleansed, you are toned and hydrated.

How To Layer Your Skincare


Serums, the most lightweight, thinnest and most active. You have to layer it before your moisturizer because they are so potent and you want your highly potent ingredients to absorb first. Serums are great for specific skin concerns such as wrinkles and redness. They are highly concentrated so 2-3 drops should be enough.


Do not skip this step. You already did so many good things on your skin, so it is time to seal it all in with a moisturizer that is right for your skin type.

  • Dry skin type - opt for a slightly heavy type of moisturizer/ creams
  • Oily skin type - lighter/ water-based/ gel formulas are highly recommended


Do not forget your sunscreen during the daytime! Especially in Malaysia, it is like summer all year long. So, never neglect it before you walk out the door. This should be the last to sit on top of your skin and in my opinion, for everyday use, a sunscreen that has above SPF35 is good enough. Now, you are good to go.

P/s: Do not forget to exfoliate twice a week and that eye area needs extra love too.
And that my friend, is how to layer your skincare. Are you applying it in the right order?

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