My Go-To Eyebrow Looks | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Hello gorgeousness! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Let's talk eyebrows! I think eyebrows have the power to change up your whole appearance. Although they're vary from woman to woman but they bring this one thing called balance. Eyebrows frame the face - so they say.

I have been experimenting lots of eyebrow looks lately (because I hung out a lot last week) and that is the reason why I am making this blog post. I have come to a conclusion where I think these brows you will be seeing in a minute are my favorite, my go-to eyebrow looks.

Disclaimer: I don't have a lot of eyebrow hairs. I am lacking in that department. No, not because I over plucked; my family is blessed with less hair and that's that. No, I don't do them every day. Most probably when I have some places to go, errands to run etc. Anyway...

First look:

My Go-To Eyebrow Looks | LENNE ZULKIFLLY  

This is, hands down, my favorite look because I just go with my natural brow shape and boom! I am done. The softly arched brows are right up my alley. It compliments my face shape and the eye shape that I have, I believe.

I go in really light handed for the front part and a little heavy handed but with control at the end. I am doing all of this using only a brow pencil that my aunt got me during her visit to Japan. And on top of that, I will clean my brows using a concealer. I cannot skip this step because I am so lazy to pluck them stray hairs nowadays!

Second look:

My Go-To Eyebrow Looks | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Whenever I am feeling fancy, I will do the 'korean brows' but with my own twist. The 'korean brows' are known for their straight, soft, natural and innocent look. I like the shape and that's why I did it but I still go heavy handed at the end, whereas 'korean brows' tend to look natural and soft all the way.

A lot of concealing will take part for this eyebrow look just because. I don't use eyebrow tint or eyebrow gel that much anymore so yes, a single eyebrow pencil and a concealer will do. I know right.

One thing that I feel worth sharing to you is that vaseline can actually grow out your eyebrow hairs faster, as well as lashes. How would I know? I apply that trick on myself and see the amazing result ;) So, that's that. I hope you enjoy today's post! Xx

What's your go-to eyebrow look? Do you have any eyebrow tips and tricks?