Revlon Warehouse Sale Haul

Sunday, October 09, 2016

So, I went to the Revlon warehouse sale at Novel Link U8 with my girls. I don't know all the details about the sale but I think it happens quite a few times in a year. I believe it's still going on. Go and grab em' beauty goodies while it's still on, girls! This is the first time I went to the sale. I went around 4PM and it was freaking busy and crowded; and most of the hottest pick items were already gone. Okay let's get onto the haul.

Here's everything I have picked up. I managed to get 6 lip products, 3 single eye shadows and a highlighter. IKR! I am the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

I spent so much time at the lippie section because it was so tempting so see boxes and boxes of lip products that worth RM10 for 3! Not to mention that I am a lipstick junkie. Pretty good deal but none of the lip products above are matte. Basically just gloss, shine and suede. 

Single eye shadows that worth RM10 for 3 too! I was searching like crazy because I always wanted a single eye shadow in my makeup collection; and now I have 3. I cannot wait to play with these colors. 


Do not freak out with the color. It is pink now, but once applied on the skin it gives a gorgeous glow with a little hint of pink. Worth my RM15 because it is such a gorgeous and unique highlight. I can use it for eye shadow too or a blush, right? Doesn't mean it's meant for highlight, you are restricted. Just play around with it :)

That's that. Have you ever went to the Revlon warehouse sale? This is my first time and I enjoyed it! Till then x 

What do you think?

  1. wahh such a bargain! kat sini jarang ada warehouse sale mcm ni. walaupun sy tak berapa minat dgn brg mekap, still kalau ada event mcm ni mmg akn pegi jugak xD

    1. ikr! but it was too crowded like seriously. nak pilih barang pun susah but glad that i ada picked up stuffs rather than blah mcm tu je sebab situation dia boleh buat you give up lol

  2. RM10 for 3 ????? *screaminggggggggggg

  3. OMG murah gilaaaa kot !!
    Sebab makeup brand Revlon ni memang boleh tahan jugak harganya.
    awwww jeles ! Hehehee
    Lipstick dari Revlon cantik-cantik belaka.

    Sayangnya kat sini takde Revlon Warehouse sale. Jauh kalau nak pergi pun :)

    1. IKR! that's why I cannot blow my chance macam tu je, pergi jugak even ada classes and everything haha

  4. Ohmaaaaaaiii seriously rm 10 for 3..?! pengsan tgk harga.
    Murah gila. Revlon Brand ni blh tahan harga nya...pernah pakai fd & lipstick Revlon.
    Memang best. =)

    1. kan aina! thank god i tak pengsan during that sale lol price range utk semua item RM10-RM20 je. can you believe that haha


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