The brain is fogged up with stress, strain and exhaustion. We all have this kind of days, right? When I have a day like this, most of the time I will go home pissed off and immediately crawl into bed. I actually hate doing this. I mean, go to sleep worrying and then the next day resulting in more stress. I need more in my life than just school, assignment and sleep. So, here's some of the ways I do in order to help my mind and body recharge. 

I drink something hot
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or anything will do. Just breathing in the warm aroma and steam can help open up my sinuses and help me feel refreshed. I love to use a big mug and wrap my hands around it, then blow it a little and slowly sip it as I feel my throat and body being warmed.

I listen to music
Listening to music might be one of my favorite ways to recuperate after a long day. Seriously. After a long day, certain songs have the power to combat any negative thoughts in my head. All I have to do is grab my phone, I search for songs or playlist that reminds me of happy things, then I turn the volume up and let the good tunes play on repeat.

I read a book 
I realized that after a few minutes of reading a good book, my mind has completely redirected itself. Instead of lost in the busy pages of school and assignments, I am now lost in the pages of a good story. How cool is that!? 

I write 
Personally, journal therapy is a good way to help a lot of issues in life, be it relationships, stresses or even works. I will write down all the worries or struggles I am facing in my journal and it is somehow very helpful for me to overcome 'em later.

I work out 
Even though I might be exhausted and lethargic from the day, fitting in and doing some cardio (not shopping cardio) can actually help me feel less tired and I will be in a good mood for the rest of the day and most importantly I don't have to think about stuff that worries me for a while. It helps a lot! Whenever I had an issue, I will tell myself to go sweat it out. Less stress, less fat :)

Above all, sometimes it's okay to just sit somewhere comfortable and do absolutely nothing. Your body needs a break, so give it a break. You can take an ample time to focus on yourself, meditate on good things in life and just let it all go. Okay? 

So, how do you relax after a long day? Have you tried the ways mentioned?