It has been a year or maybe more since my previous "Five Things In _____" post. I am back with it now and I love doing these kind of posts 'cause it allows me to go a little bit personal with you guys. If you are new to this blog or unfamiliar with this series, this is where I will do some catching up of things that happened during that particular month.

- Ramadan month

Ramadan is here! It is the most awaited month for me and I am so happy that it is happening now. It has only been 13 days of fasting and I am shrinking already. Tell me in the comment if you are having the same case as me. Haha! Anyway, here is to being closer to our Creator, spending more quality activities with our families and friends and getting rid of bad habits. Ramadan Kareem to Muslims all over the world!

- Internship

I cannot believe I am so close to graduate college. Well, I have to go through a six-months of internship first, and only then I will be graduating. After thousands of interviews, I am finally selected as an intern at a local company located in Subang Jaya. It was so unexpected 'cause I was like nearly giving up and then one day, I got a phone call saying that I am selected as the new intern. Thank god! I am so looking forward to work with the team. Please pray for my internship journey, guys!

- I need plain water, and that is it

If you do not already know, plain water is my middle name. Lol okay, all jokes aside. I am fully utilizing this holy month - I am starting to drink only plain water and avoiding all sugary drinks at all cost. One of my main sugar sources are dates. Mind you, dates are my least favorite thing to eat but I am like a whole different person this time and I like dates!

Back to the topic, plain water. Yes. Why you should drink water? 'Cause if you want clear, flawless, healthy looking and snatched skin before Eid, this should be your best friend. How would I know? I know, 'cause I have seen the result on my very own skin. It has only been 13 days, guys. If I am really committed, I can beat Park Shin Hye's skin real soon!

- I shop too much

I think I should abolish my online banking account. Someone please change my password, I could not take it anymore. This is the downside of having an online banking account, the constant online shopping activities just give me a fright. At the time of this post going live, I am still waiting for another packages to arrive at my front door. The good news is I can make a blog post about them, right?

- Blogging rut

Yes, I am in a blogging rut and it is getting ugly. I thought I could do more than 6 posts in a month since I am on my two-months semester break, but I am so failed. I have so many blog ideas in my mind but I am not feeling it right now. I am so lazy to take pictures, I am so lazy to make them look pretty, I am super lazy. Ugh, where is the motivation!?

I am enjoying my May. How about you?