10 Things I Miss About Being A Student

As much as I am enjoying my 'working life', there are definitely some things I am missing about being a student and just the overall lifesty…
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Battle of The Drugstore Mascaras

Hello, gorgeousness! Today I want to talk about drugstore mascaras that I own and my verdict on each one of them. I feel like even if you're not…
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The Sunday Currently #5

READING... Nothing apart from random posts of the blogs I am following on Bloglovin'
LISTENING... Religiously listening to Me! by Taylor Swift f…
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New In My Beauty Stash

Something I am pretty embarrassed about when it comes to the whole beauty blogging is that I tend to talk about the same products over and over agai…
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My 5 Must-Have Skincare Items for Flawless Skin

Oh. My. God. I have tried and tested an embarrassing amount of skincare products just to be flawless. I have had a tough time figuring out which one…
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April Favorites

Oh. My. Goodness! April is already over and it has gone by so quickly. I feel like April was a fantastic month for me. I tried my very best to make …
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