5 Glossy Lip Tints That Have Won My Heart

Step aside, matte liquid lipstick. It’s time for glossy lip tints to shine!

5 Glossy Lip Tints That Have Won My Heart

If you’re anything like me, you might have spent your high school days rocking matte liquid lipsticks like they were going out of style. But let me tell you, there’s a new kid on the block that's been making big waves all over TikTok and Instagram: glossy lip tints! And let me tell you, they’ve got me hooked. K-beauty is definitely where it’s at for pretty lip stains.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly are glossy lip tints? Well, think of them as the lovechild of a lip gloss and a lip tint. They offer gorgeous, shiny finish of a gloss while still providing long-lasting color like a stain. It’s like the best of both worlds!

I haven’t tried many glossy lip tints though so I can’t speak to how they would compare to anything else, but these are my current top 5 glossy lip tints that have completely stolen my heart <3

Quick disclaimer – these glossy lip tints share a common trait: they’re hydrating, glossy, and leave a stain. So, forgive me if I repeat myself explaining each one. They’re also ranked in order of preference, with number one being my top pick and number five being my least favorite, though I still love it.

  • Peripera Water Bare Tint

This gem from Peripera feels like a burst of hydration on my lips. The texture is lightweight and moisturizing, it goes on really smooth, leaving my lips looking plump and juicy. Plus, the color payoff is A-MA-ZING and it’s not sticky. Actually, it barely feels like I’m wearing anything! It’s super comfortable to wear all day. I’ve got this shade called Pure Pink, and it’s like this really cool-toned pink. I wear it all the time because I just love how it looks. I almost used it up already!

  • Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Tint 

If you’re into that “just-bitten” look, this one’s for you. The Ink Mood Glowy Tint has a unique jelly texture that gives a subtle, natural flush to your lips. I personally think it's perfect for those no-makeup makeup days when you want to look effortlessly chic. The glossy sheen in this one is just nice, in my opinion. And I just can’t get over how amazing that sweet scent is when you put it on your lips! It’s like, ugh, I love it!

  • Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for anything juicy now, and this tint definitely delivers. It gives your lips a juicy, plump look while providing gorgeously pigmented color. The formula really fills in every lip line. No patchiness or streaks, it goes on opaque in one swipe. It doesn’t feel heavy even with double or triple coats! Rom&nd really knocked it out of the park with this one. My favorite shade is definitely Bare Fig

  • Rom&nd Glasting Water Tint 

You know, I’ve got this kind of mixed feeling about the Rom&nd Glasting Water Tint. Like, sometimes it totally makes me feel gorgeous, but other times, I’m not feeling it at all. I reckon I just need some more time to really nail down how to make it work for me, you know? But hey, even with all that, I still think it’s a pretty awesome lip product. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the color payoff is just so good. Plus, it’s smudge-proof and kiss-proof, so you can wear it all day without worrying about touch-ups!

  • Holika Holika Heart Crush Glow Tint Air

Last but certainly not least, we have the Heart Crush Glow Tint Air from Holika Holika. This tint not only provides a gorgeous juicy and glossy finish but also gives your lips a plump, voluminous look that’s oh-so-irresistible. And the heart-shaped applicator is not only adorable but makes for precise and easy application. I personally find it a bit sticky though; the formula is slightly on the thicker side, so I prefer using it as a lip topper rather than wearing it alone.

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Are you team matte or team glossy?


  1. These look like amazing lip tints! They are all beautiful shades of red and pink x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Each and every one of it looks so nice

  3. These look like really pretty colors! I'm definitely a gloss girlie, so I love reading about new lip products!