I have been blogging for so many years and I have never shared a Get To Know Me post up on my blog. I'm a sad self-proclaimed blogger lol. Anyway, I figured most of those reading, commenting and following you guys already know a thing or two about yours truly. But I thought it would be fun to do as you can get to know me more. So, here's a little about me.

#1. My full name is Nur Amalina Zulkiflly. I bet a lot of you don't know about it because you may not find it anywhere in this blog. I used to have a lot of nicknames when I was younger, I remember my friends called me Amel, Amy, Lin and the latest one is Lenne. It was actually Len but I add another "ne" to make it look fancy.

#2. I was born and raised in Sabah and I'm currently studying and living in Shah Alam. So if you are near Shah Alam, let's hangout! 

#3. I still don't have a driver's licence up until now but I have tried driving with my dad as my coach and I can't both regular/ parallel park.

#4. I have 0 piercings. I have never pierced my body because I'm so scared. And I will never ever do it.

#5. I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 14 just because I don't look good wearing glasses. I refuse to go to optics and get me some glasses because it will never look good on me.

#6. I have never played sports until I was in college because I hate it. I don't like to get sweaty, hot and I don't like people watching me play. It irritates me. I have never joined any sports back in my school days. If I ever did joined, I will never show up and play. So my first sport when I'm in college was badminton. To be honest, I didn't participate that much and I showed up for the sake of attendance.

#7. I love public speaking but get me in a room with 20 people in it and I will faint. #idontunderstandmyselfeither

#8. I have G6PD. I have been coping with it since birth. It's like an allergy and I can't eat seafood, nuts and eggs.

#9. I would love to be a teacher or an educator someday. I want to be like my mom. But as time goes, I found that I actually have 0 skills in teaching people or educate them. I'm the worst at it. I can be so impatient and a teacher requires a lot of patience. I guess you will not going to see me as a teacher.

#10. I was never the popular girl in high school that everybody will instantly recognize when you mention her name, which will catch everyone's attention wherever she goes and the hottest pick among boys. Nope. I wasn't the one. 

#11. I don't like going out, I'm a lazy ass when it comes to getting ready and I get ready for hours. I enjoy sitting at home watching my all-time favorite movies.

#12. In my family, I'm the one who has a huge love for makeup. I don't know, maybe because I spent most of my time at home watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. Now not that my mom doesn't wear makeup, she does and she will always go to my room to wear my lipsticks and play with the makeups. 

#13. I have always wanted to go to Istanbul and Paris since I was younger. 

#14. I have never eaten any kind of squid in my life. 

#15. I have tried to smoke once when I was in high school at the back building during recess. It tastes obnoxious and I was coughing really bad.

#16. I used to play the piano when I was a kid. It all started when my cousin sister leaves her keyboard piano at our house. I'm addicted ever since. When I was in primary school, I used to go to the music room all by myself and play the piano. But if you ask me to play now, I'm afraid I can't lol it's all rusty already I mean, the skills.

#17. I'm obsessed with cats. I love them so much! I can spend days at the cat cafes and make new friends there. The reason why I love cats so much because I used to treat them badly, especially the baby ones. I will pull their tails, I will roll them in the sand, etc. I don't want to talk about it anymore. So I had a bad past with cats, this is how I "apologize" to them. I will treat them nicely, no discrimination towards them I love them equally 💕

#18. If I listen to a song thrice, I will have it memorized for a long time.

#19. I have a fear of glass. I mean its fragility, they can easily break into shards and it can cause injury. Ugh, I don't want to talk about it more, it gives me shivers!

#20. Last but not least, I was once a kpopper. I was a hardcore fan back then. I was an Inspirit, I love the boy group named Infinite. I still listen to their songs though. My all-time favorite song from them is this one:

I hope you enjoyed a peek into me. I would love to know you guys better as well! Till then xx