I was enjoying my mom's nasi lemak last night, and I suddenly thought of all the things that I never have done as a blogger. I am not one of the successful bloggers out there. I am pretty much an amateur and I commit all of these blogging sins.

I don't have any white bedsheet/ marble background

White bedsheet, everything white and rose gold and marble, seem like the ultimate blogger trend now. I feel so guilty for not having one! I feel like I am not a true blogger unless I have those. If you did see my background is a marble, that's probably the floor in my house.

I don't give a damn about SEO/ Analytics/ my stats

I judge my blog's success based on how much I enjoy writing it and how much people enjoy reading it as well. Lots of people seem to be overly concerned about their domain authority and stuff like that, which I do not mind at all I mean, it is your blog you can do whatever you want with it. Honestly, I could not care less. Google Analytics and SEO is one of the most complicated things in the world, and it seems too much for my understanding.

I don't have a bullet journal

If you're not aware of bullet journals, you can google it. I don't use a bullet journal for my blog. I know bullet journal has the ability to customize and organize your to-do list, your next blog posts or sketchbook, or literally anything. Here in Malaysia, they can cost a lot of money for a piece of bullet journal. It's not ideal for me, at least. Since I am a cheapskate, then I will have just a regular notebook, pretty colored pens, and lots of washi tapes to customize everything and it gets the job done too so I will be fine. 

I have unstable blogging niches

I know I posted a lot of beauty-related stuff and I have a huge love for it, but sometimes I get exhausted from posting about beauty stuff. It's quite challenging to have a stable blogging niche. Especially in beauty. If you're not on your way to buy beauty products now, are you even a beauty blogger?

I don't have a DSLR

I absolutely don't have any blogging equipment, I mean a basic camera? Nah. Photoshop? Nah. Studio lighting? Nah. I use my very own phone's camera and natural lighting. The phone I am currently using is Samsung Galaxy S4, and that is the only tool I have. I really want to invest in a good camera but I have yet to see the need for me to own it. 

I am domain name-less

I can't lie, it's pretty cool to have your own domain name. People will think that you take blogging seriously and you actually do. I think, for now, I will just stick to lennezulkiflly.blogspot.com then. Maybe if money wasn't my #1 problem, gurlll I will do just about anything for my blog. 

Do you commit to any of these blogging sins too?