Hi everyone! I didn't get any posts up recently because I have been busy but alhamdulillah I am not as busy anymore as of now. I have a few posts floating in my mind, waiting to be translated into words but I was not feeling them so I will do my five things post instead!


How can I not include this? After almost 3 years of staying in a place I could not call 'home', alhamdulillah I managed to go home every single Eid. There were heaps of delicious cooking, sharing it with family, along with spending time with loved ones. I am the happiest kid! To make my Eid a little more 'interesting', I ruined my only-drink-plain-water-habit (that's mentioned in this post) with a glass of coke early in the Eid morning and ripped my own Raya outfit. Definitely shredded the skirt. :)

Pack my bags

For what? Internship. Yeah, I am going back to Subang Jaya for my internship. I did mention it in the previous Five Things post. I cannot believe it's actually happening. It feels like I just got home yesterday and now I have to be away again. I just want to be at home because home is where the heart is. *sigh

Shot injection in the bum! For the first time!

I was taken to the hospital and got injected earlier this month because my allergy was getting out of hand. It rarely happens though. Thank god it happened when my mom was around and able to take me to see my doctor. It has been a while since I got an injection and this time, they gave me in my butt. I am lost for words. I have come to believe, I got it there so that I would not have to feel the sore for as long as a normal arm shot? Correct me if I am wrong hehe.

Hooked on notebooks

Cute and chic notebooks, to be exact. I realized I have so many untouched notebooks and I keep on buying more. I bought 2 notebooks earlier in May and I bought another 3 this month. Mr. D.I.Y has the cutest notebooks! What Typo? Who would have thought buying notebooks could be so therapeutic. Any ideas on how to put my untouched notebooks to good use?

Slept in a capsule? Container?

I got the chance to sleep at some of the coolest hotel in town! It's an airport hotel btw. Here's the thing, I usually don't mind sleeping in the airport but the airport sometimes can be rather noisy. I need my proper rest y'know. So I decided to give this airport hotel a whirl.

I stayed at Capsule By Container Hotel that's located at Level 1 Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2). I booked the hotel for 9 hours (RM84) and that's more than enough, considering what you will be getting. The container is really nice and cozy, the location is close to a convenience store, amenities provided and for the most part, a mirror, fold desk, and your very own electrical socket is also provided!

I am so happy! The container really exceeds my expectations. It was my first time staying in an airport hotel and it was a great experience.