Dealing With My Skin When It Acts Up

When your skin has been a good patch for quite some time, and it starts to act up what do you do? Yes, you panic. That's what I'm dealing with right now. My skin has been showing good progress since earlier this year until I started to work again. I know I've been raving about my skin definitely has cleared up because I drank a crazy amount of water and that's true my boo. 

But now, Imma blaming it all on my work. Yes, I got so stressed (due to workload) and most of us experienced acne flare-up when stress is on the rise and no I'm not making that up. However, I'm not going to let that sink in. So I'm going to be sharing with you things that I have been doing to my skin when it is not in its best condition.

Trying not to pick on my skin

Being the professional picker that I am, I know this is easier said than done. I'm trying to commit to keeping my hands away from my face although I admit I do have occasional moments of weakness where I feel like the acne is calling my name. Don't pick on your skin, it will leave scars and just basically lead to more serious skin problems.

Be mindful of how I sleep and wash my pillowcases regularly

I'm a side sleeper and for the most part, this position isn't the greatest because you're squishing your face on the pillow and your pillow isn't always clean. It's all about hygiene. Our skin reacts to hygiene and depending on how you take care of them, you will either have nice skin or not-really-that-nice skin. So I will wash my pillowcases every week (as I'm doing the laundry once a week, sorry not sorry) and I will try to sleep on my back imagining the ceiling is a sky full of stars.

Be cautious with all the beauty tools I'm using

If you wash and clean your beauty tools once a week (like I always do), then you need to wash and clean them every day during your crappy skin day. Like I have mentioned, it's all about hygiene. You don't see all the bacteria that has been living and sitting on your beauty tools so. I use the beauty blender every day to blend my foundation so during my bad skin day, I have to be aggressive and double the effort of cleaning everything that I will use to put on my makeup.

Dealing With My Skin When It Acts Up | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Avoid scrubbing my face

I know how irresistible it is to scrub your face with the bumps all over but please be nice to your skin. I'm begging you for the justice of your skin. Scrubbing your face during breakouts will just make it worse. You sure don't want that.

I do all the scrub thing depending on my skin condition. I will scrub once I don't have any active pimples on or when my face gets too greasy and not cute or if I need to go somewhere that needs me to beat up my face with A LOT of makeup.

I don't dry my face using a towel or cloth

Again, it's all about hygiene. Please don't get tired of me mentioning "hygiene" in this post. It's THAT crucial. You know the towel or cloth that you are using to dry your face after you have showered or cleansed the face, yup, that one. I don't use that because I don't wash it every day and lord knows how nasty it is. So I commit to only air-drying my face.

Cleanse my face AM and PM - no matter what it takes

It doesn't matter if you're not leaving the house all day and wearing makeup or not, you still need to cleanse the face no matter what. You sure don't want all the bacteria to be sitting leisurely on top of your skin. Washing the face is probably one of the easiest skincare steps but people tend to neglect it.
What do you do when your skin acts up?


  1. Well I hate my own habit but that is what I always do. I mesti pick on my skin no matter what. Then I sooth the affected area dgn soothing gel, lepastu I bising my face ada scars & it goes mcm tu until today so do not ask for my tips 😂

    1. Haha I was once like that! But it's impossible to have a nice skin if I keep doing it so.

  2. dont touch our face when we r not sure tangan bersih ke x.. go wash first then touch la hehe..

    1. Dah wash pun taknak sentuh sebab sekejap je boleh dirty balik hehe :D