My 10 Random Unpopular Opinions | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

I kind of like seeing people voicing their unpopular opinion about some stuff, and I for sure intrigued and wanted to do my own version too. I do have a different way of thinking and so are the rest of you. So, here's my 10 very unpopular opinion (that no one asks for) of random things that I can think of as of now.

  • Iced tea over iced coffee. I can't think of any bloggers that I follow who do not need coffee to function. I kid you not. Tea tastes sweeter and 'lighter' than coffee and it does not stain your teeth.
  • Pineapples on pizza are actually quite good. Pineapples on pizza probably have sparked so much online discussion and most of them are so against it, but I really think it belongs on pizza. 
  • Cats over babies. There, I said it. I admit I am not a baby person. I honestly love cats more than babies. Not to mention, I am planning to have more cats than babies, in the future. I know.
  • Harry Potter and Star Wars are way too overrated. Do not sue me for saying so. Lol. As for Harry Potter, I mean, I am good with Harry Potter 1-3 and that is it. And Star Wars? I do not know a single character in that movie. 
  • Snapchat is only legit because of its filters, other than that, it is pretty useless. 
  • I do not get the hype around The Lion King. Please do not hate me for saying this, but I did not get even half of the hype that The Lion King got. I can think of other Disney movies that are better than this. I mean, c'mon, Brave is better. 
  • I do not like Taylor Swift's new releases and singles. Do not get me wrong, I love Tay and I grew up listening to her songs. Well, her songs that are actually good BACK THEN. I feel like she is trying so hard to adapt an edgy style in her music now, I do not like it that much. The first thing that I said when I first heard the song Look What You Made Me Do was "Is this even Taylor's song?" 
  • Rainy days are the best weather! It brings out a different kind of relaxing and satisfying mood in me. The smell of rain is also so good! Have you ever walked outside after it rained? Gworlll, you should.
  • We do not always have to wear sunscreen. Sometimes, the skin just needs to breathe, okay? It does not always necessary and not to mention, sunscreen made my base makeup look awful. It is totally not a big deal if we do not wear sunscreen 24/7, okay?
  • Cheese does not belong in all types of meal. Stop making everything "cheese-able" because it is not. 

What are some of your random unpopular opinions?