My Skincare Sins | It's Time To Kiss Them Goodbye

My Skincare Sins | It's Time To Kiss Them Goodbye

As much as I love giving you guys beauty advice or tips and tricks here and there, I have committed skincare sins myself. I can't seem to run away from it, I am a human after all. However, I can say these are all pretty much habits, and yes, you can change them. I can change them.

I know it's easier said than done, but come to think of it, we're glued with THIS skin until we die so we need to treat it right. Sure, makeup can conceal those blemishes. What's skincare anyway? One thing I have learned, you can't fake a healthy base.

I am doing pretty good with drinking a lot of H2O and not sleeping with my makeup on. That's an achievement but that's pretty much it. Here are a few left skincare sins I need to shed, right about today.

Skipping the sunscreen

We all know it is somewhat serious when it's sitting on top of the list. Yes, I am not the best at constantly using my sunscreen. I know you are tired of this sentence already but it is important to use sunscreen, indoor or outdoor, guys.

Being constantly exposed to the sun without any protection is actually one of the main causes of having fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. So, I am back on track with my dearly missed sunscreen and I am not skipping it anymore!

Anything with SPF35 and above, you should be good to go. I am loving the Some By Mi Truecica Mineral Calming Tone Up Suncream (read my review here) and the Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Whitening Moisture Gel (read my review here).

Picking on my zits

I know, right? Trying not to pick on my zits is the hardest one to break, yet. I was doing so good at first but I got so flipping bothered with the enormous pimple on my cheek! I was like "Promise this is the only zits I will be popping", and you guys know what happened next :)

It may look like I am getting rid of the problem, but for the millionth freaking time, I was so wrong. From now on, if it shows up on the skin, Imma befriend her and let her do its thang. If she is no good, Imma dot some drying lotion or clay mask on her. #SorryNotSorry

Neglecting the moisturizer

Okay, I know what you are going to say, so I need to address something. I am not this girl, I will never ever neglect my moisturizer BUT recently I have been neglecting it because I wasn't feeling it. I mean, after putting on my serum, I have this inner voice telling me "You can wear your moisturizers tomorrow, no worries. Now, go to sleep". I know it's weird, but it is what it is.

Do not ever neglect your moisturizers, people. Regardless of what skin type you may have, you need to moisturize. Okay? Don't be like me right here, making up excuses where it's clearly just me being lazy to put on moisturizers.

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Do you commit to any of these skincare sins?


  1. me bought so many skincare but at last i only use my fav one lol

    1. I always keep my skincare really simple and use what I usually use and want ONLY because if not, I'll end up be the same as your case lol

  2. It's because so hard to choose what is the best for my skin T^T

  3. i am still confuse of my own skincare routine haha

  4. Great post.