Five Things In January 2019 | Intermittent Fasting & Bullet Journalling?

I couldn't remember when was the last time I did a Five Things In _____ post as I was fairly unable to keep up with my life. I think I have a short term memory loss now, guys. I can barely remember what I was doing 8 hours ago. Okay, I probably shouldn't exaggerate it more than it should but you get the picture.


That is why I started bullet journalling this year. Yes. I've tried it before but I failed miserably. But I am back! I want to be able to keep track everything that I do in a day. I don't want to second guess everything I encountered in my life no more, so what I often do now is I always go back to my bullet journal after finish doing some stuff. That way I won't forget 70% of the things I did in a day. My bullet journal is like my baby now.

Bullet journalling is really individualized, in my honest opinion. Yes, it has its own system on how it should work and function. You will see a lot of monthly goals, weekly goals and whatnot on the Internet when it comes to bullet journalling. But it's all really up to you, really.  It's personal. You don't have to have spreads like everyone else. Make it simple and remember the reason why you started. I am loving my simple and intentional spreads for January. I can't wait for February's!


While I have a tracker now, I also keep an eye on my skincare routine. I can barely remember what I put on my face last night. I know it's crazy. I am basically keeping on track of everything these days. My memory is so bad! Anyway, I am full on basic skincare routine now. All the way. Back to basics. I want to start fresh with my skin, drink 8 glasses of water a day and sweat. And that is all I do. My skin is looking so hydrated, less acne scars and just healthy through and through. Here's my routine nowadays if you are wondering:

AM: Facial wash > toner > acne gel > moisturizer > sunscreen

PM: Double cleanse > toner > acne gel > masks > moisturizer

Five Things In January 2019 | Intermittent Fasting & Bullet Journalling?


On top of that, for a healthy looking skin (and nicer body too), I also decided to give intermittent fasting a shot. It's one of the trendiest topics these days, eh? Before I go on, some of you might be wondering, what is intermittent fasting? In my understanding, it's basically where you only eat during a specific period of time. For the time being, I am trying the 16:8 method where I fast for 16 hours and eat within the 8-hour window. Anyway, it's a long process and this entry could be a 30 minutes read if I don't stop here. Be prepared to see a post dedicated to my intermittent fasting experience in the future. That is if I am able to not procrastinate...


Searching the best color for this year's raya outfit is my kind of procrastinate too. I have been looking everywhere to find inspirations but I feel like nothing floats my boat. I kinda want to do pink with a little hint of champagne but my friends said it's mediocre. Then my sister went in with blue but I don't look good in all blue - royal blue, sea blue, SKY BLUE? I look the worst in them. If you happen to have any inspo, please help a sister out!


For the most part, I reached the 150,000 views mark for my blog!! I knew 2019 is going to be a good year for me. I made my own blogging goals inside my blogging notebook and "150,000 views in January 2019, pretty please" is one of them. I know what you're thinking. It's not like I reached 1 million views or whatever but still it's one of my biggest achievement. And I still am proud.

That's pretty much it. See you in the next one xx

My January was awesome. I love it. How about yours?