My 2018 in Alphabetical Order

My 2018 in Alphabetical Order

Happy new year, gorgeousness! I'm sorry it took this long for me to publish this post. I'm not going to make this like a tradition on my blog and I'm not restricted to this yearly but I guess let's have fun and challenge ourselves! My blogger friend, Syaza, made one and it was amazing! I can relate loads of them.

Without me rambling on too much, here's my 2018 in alphabetical order.

A | Amalina. No, I'm not talking about the song. It's my name. My real name. I used to hate it when people call me by my full name because I'm so used to people calling me 'Lenne'. Last year was different. Maybe it's time for me to accept that my name is unique too. 'Amalina' sounded so distinct to both of my ears but I kinda like it.

B | Belong. You are not anyone's property. I have learned the hard way. And if it does not belong to you, it's not going to. Do not force it.

C | Checkout. The year of clicking the 'checkout' button on an online store. The amount of money I spent online is illogical.

D | District 21. For my international readers, this is only fathomable by my fellow Malaysian readers. If you are Malaysian, you would know what I'm talking about. I went to District 21 last year and that was the first time I had set my foot in there. It was a great experience to overcome my fear of height! Planning on going there again this year.

E | E-mail. Collaboration e-mail to be exact. I have gotten so many e-mails asking for a collab but you know I do not do collab that much if they're not up to my standard. So I have to politely decline and please know that I appreciate all of you. Maybe some other time! xx

F | Fried chicken. The (third) love of my life.

G | Goodbye. A year that I swear filled with so many goodbyes. It's crazy how this life is just a stopover.

H | Hello. A year that was also filled with lots of new hellos. I can see quite a number of fresh faces in my life last year. It was awesome. This also applies to the new skincare that I picked up. I literally said, "Hello, welcome to my collection."

I | Independence. Taught a heck lot last year. I studied myself more than anything and this is how I survived. Woah, it's crazy the changes that a year makes.

J | Judge. I do not give a single damn about other people anymore. You wear whatever you want to wear, you say whatever you want to say, you act like how the hell you want to act. In hopes of people would do the same thing for me. You do you, Imma do me.

K | Kitchen. I admit I do not cook as much. Cooking is not my forte. However, last year the kitchen was like a playground to me where I tried a bunch of recipes, and not to mention, I baked! It's crazy! I'm such an adult now, huh? #MommyAreYouProud?

L | Liquid eyeliners. I have been buying liquid eyeliners non-stop but none of them ended up being fleaked out on my lids as I would show them to the world how snatched my winged liner is. I'm over it! I chose black eyeshadow to recreate the winged liner effect. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

M | Mother-in-law. Nope. Not happening. Not last year. This year? Pray for me!

My 2018 in Alphabetical Order

N | Needy. I cannot emphasize enough how needy I am around the persons I love. This is totally one of my biggest flaws. Will I change it? Kinda yeah, kinda nope.

O | OK. How I 'professionally' end every argument and run from my mistakes and probably my most used word.

P | Pause. It was a year of slowing down, taking a little timeout, taking a moment, pause and reflecting before continuing anything. "Just take a moment, breathe and none of this will be remembered if you are rushing it" I said to myself over and over again like a mantra.

Q | Quality over quantity. I'm probably one of those people who have like 5 friends. Maybe 6. Regardless, I like my small circle and I'm happy this way.

R | Research. Definitely the year of doing a boatload of skincare research! I'm so excited to learn something new every damn time. Doesn't it intrigue you and call you to do your own research as to why some companies would put one ingredient in mouthwash and the same thing winds up in a toner?

S | Stress. I'm one hundred per cent sure I'm just stressed out not depressed. It's not that deep. You should learn the difference too.

T | Thank you, next. Honestly, the only thing I have been listening to since it came out. So so so good! Kudos to you, Ariana. 

U | Us. 'Us' that I miss so much.

V | Vivy Yusof. Who doesn't want her life? Can we like exchange bodies for a week or two, Vivy? She is such a role model. Her IG story is the only thing I look forward to every day!

W | Waistline. I without a doubt have reduced a few inches from my waistline measurement throughout 2018. It's crazy what stressing out can do to you.

X | Xx. My typical way to end sentences and it's cute, right? #PleaseTellMeItsCute

Y | Yellow. It was my last year's color. I surely had so many pieces with at least a little yellow on them. I wonder what is going to be my color this year.

Z | Zoella. I was a fan because she was so relatable back then but not anymore. When I found out she has been living happily by scamming other people, ugh it baffles me! Thank god for drama channels on YouTube, right? Sorry Zoella, not supporting your brand anymore.

How's your 2019 so far? Any good feelings or the other way around? Tell me in the comments! xx


  1. This is such a fun way of looking back on 2018! I used to be a big Zoella fan too, but stopped watching her in around 2014/5 and the scandals that have followed haven't been great either xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Omg it took me THIS long to realize she was problematic lol. But thank god I wasn't a fan anymore, and wasn't crazy about her brand and products. xx

  2. Amalina is a cool name y'know.

    Unlike you, stress makes my waistline bigger lol.

    Anyway, Happy new year Lenne!

    1. I always thought that my name is sooo common lol. When I'm stressed out, it immediately shows on my physical appearance and I hate it sometimes though.

      Happy new year, Rasya! Have a great one xx

  3. Replies
    1. Please do!!! Can't wait to read it once it's up! xx

  4. Happy New Year Lenne 😘 😘

  5. Vivy Yusof! Siqah rasa hidup Vivy Yusof sangat lengkap <3 Suka dengan gaya dia dan IG story dia jugak. Lagi suka kalau nampak muka Sarah. Hihi.

    Siqah baru baca post ni hari ni. Dah post pun 2018 wrap up T_T maybe siqah boleh try this version for 2019 wrap up. Hihi. Awal sungguh dah fikir :D

    1. She has everything kan! Jealous but in a good way haha. Yesss anak anak dia semua cute cute.

      Awww it's okay lah! Cuba untuk next year ye hehehe. Lenne suka baca 2018 wrap up Siqah tu tau xx