The Sunday Currently #3

The Sunday Currently #3

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my Sunday Currently. I hope you're all in the pink of health. I bet y'all currently living the best moment of your life :) Me? Meh, aside from my arms getting toned and not drinking coke for 6 months, my days are pretty basic and mediocre. Whew! Also, can we talk about how on earth is it January 13th already? Time, please slow the frick down.

Anyway, this is my Sunday Currently number tres.

Nothing, really. I've decided to take a break after I finished rereading To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han that I recently (and initially) bought for my sister because she wanted one. I thought before the book becomes hers, might as well reread it. It's my money after all. Haha.

I am working on a few drafts here (I am talking about major entries that have been requested a lot). I don't know when will I finish these up but gotta finish what you started, gurl. #PrayForYaHomegirl

Imagine by Ariana Grande. This puts me in a really, really good vibe! Actually, almost all of her music puts me in a chill and good vibe. I feel like she can do no wrong. I know, I sounded like I worship her or something. But in all honestly, she's the real deal.

.... of a lot of stuff. I have so many thoughts running inside my head. I wish my brain could stop thinking for a moment, but we all know what's about to go down if your brain really stops working.

Vanilla by The Body Shop. Just because.

For a miracle. I really need some good news to justify my 2019. It has been odd and not so promising so far.

To master my calligraphy skill because this is looking hopeless. My bullet journal is looking hopeless. I can't do calligraphy for shit. 

A floral bell-sleeved blouse that I got from Padini with mid-rise white jeans from Nichii. I just got back from hanging out with my friends.

The weight I am losing! And how toned my arms are getting! I love the progress I am making, love how I am so attached to this lifestyle, love how my skin looks because of the workout. Aaaah! So many things to love!

A new phone and laptop! And a bunch of hijabs from Ariani. Pretty please?

In need of a new pair of sports shoes. I really set my eyes on too many pastel-colored sports shoes that I know don't go with most of my outfits.

Hungry despite having lunch about two hours ago.
Have a great weekend, gorgeousness! 


  1. Weekend kite biasa-biasa jerr hehe nothing interesting 😆😆😆

    1. Sometimes mine also biasa biasa je. Kadang melepet haha