The Sunday Currently #4

The Sunday Currently #4

Hey, gorgeousness! Welcome to my Sunday Currently. If you haven't caught up with the reason I'm doing this kinda post, well, I love the idea of a laid back and chill type of blog post where I don't have to think really deep and I'm able to just 'go' with it. This Sunday Currently post also didn't take up too much time to put up on the blog. It's fun to have this really relaxed blog post every once in a while.

Bunch of blog posts. Just doing the usual. If you're curious, I'm reading a bunch of high-end skincare product reviews from various blogs. I'm planning to buy a couple of things from Lancome and Estee Lauder. 

Blog posts for my blog. I have just a bunch of reviews that I want to finish. Please pray for me.

The Greatest Showman playlist on Spotify! It's so good!!! I can't get over it. I'm still in my The Greatest Showman phase. It's the best movie with the best soundtracks. If you haven't watched it, please, please do.

.... of what handbag should I get myself for Raya. Also, the job application that I applied for a few days ago. Hopefully, I can hear some good news. I really need that job.

This shouldn't be on the list because the only thing I'm smelling is Vanilla by The Body Shop. Do I ever wear perfumes other than Vanilla? No. Am I obsessed with vanilla-scented-everything? Yes. If this is your first time here, now you know I'm that girl who is obsessed with vanilla perfume.

That I can get off from here.

For good news from that job application, I applied for. Wish me luck, guys!

Mango black spaghetti strap top with dark brown 'palazzo' pants that I got from a shop somewhere in Berjaya Times Square. Super cheap and comfy too!

My life at the moment, I guess? Also a few people in it.

Another chance to have a getaway with my favourite persons. The last one I've been to was almost a year ago! In desperate need now... We need to get going...

... that job. Lol.

Just fine. And if people are questioning my answer for this, 'fine' is a feeling. You can say fine and it's fine to say so. I'm feeling fine but could be better. 
Have a great weekend, gorgeousness <3


  1. well i hope you get that job! and i like how you say that yo inly love few in it. that´s something for sure

    1. Thanks Afifah! Well, just being real here hehe. Thanks for reading xx