5 Blogger Templates I Set My Eyes On

Hello gorgeousness! Happy weekend to all of you who are reading. I hope you all are in the pink of health. I wanted to talk about 5 Blogger templates that I have been eyeing lately. It's a tough decision for me to change (or downgrade, if you will) my template because once you go Pipdig, you never go back. But the whole Pipdig fiasco was stressing me out. What they did was pretty nasty, I admit. 

ANYWAY, we're not here to discuss about the whole situation, so if you wish to know the about the 'tea', just type in 'Pipdig' on Twitter and thank me later.

I went onto Etsy a lot these few days (my search history is shaking) but I felt really overwhelmed by everything that I came right back off! I feel really hopeless about finding anything I like more than my Pipdig theme. It's like my pride and joy. But we gotta do what we gotta do, sis.

So, which 5 Blogger templates that I set my eyes on?

1. Belmondo from Theme Shine | RM105.92 | Preview / Shop
GORGEOUS. Gorgeous! I feel like this is the one I am gonna get. There's so many features (that I like, of course) that come with this template. The design is so right up my alley. 

2. ALESTAR from Theme Shine | RM105.92 | Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Shop
This template is so pretty though, but I think I like Belmondo more. You will have two template options if you purchase this - one comes with sidebar and the other has none. So generous of them! Did I mention, all of their themes come with free installation? Yes gworl.

3. Roonie from Templates By Kate | RM51 | Preview / Shop
Out of all the templates from Kate, I really like Roonie. I fell in love with it the first time I laid my eyes on it. It's simple and clean-looking. I really like that profile section feature. 

4. Marigold from Underline Designs | RM106.25 | Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Shop
OH MY GOODNESS. I really like the layout. It's such a beauty. Everything is perfect until you have to pay for the installation haha! I am not one that will spend hours and hours tweaking templates. I will get mental breakdown. It's so nice having someone to do it for you without involving any cost, no?

5. Minerva from Shop Gabriel Amelo | RM55.25 | Preview / Shop
Beautiful template and the layout is so eye-catching! I would just scroll on and on just to see the homepage. It's divine and I would purchase it just for fun. This theme is also doesn't come with installation. That one you have to purchase separately.

Do you have anything that you set your eyes on lately?