I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back

I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back

Lately, I've hit a bit of a blogging funk, you know? It's been a mix of feeling burned out, having those "meh" moments, and even taking a short break from blogging that made me question if I still loved it. I kind of lost my way and, to be honest, it felt like I misplaced my love for it somewhere along the journey.

But here's the thing—I absolutely love blogging! It's like this awesome adventure filled with endless creativity and exciting moments that always leave me wanting more. However, I hit a rough patch where I couldn't shake the feeling that everyone else was doing so good (and I'm just a potato), and it got me feeling pretty down.

Guess what, though? These bumps in the road are just part of the blogging deal, and it happens to the best of us. After doing some soul-searching and reflecting, I found my passion again, and now I'm super pumped to jump back into the blogging world!

So, how did I get my love for blogging back and find my creative spark again?

Reflecting on the Blog Beginnings

Remembering why I began blogging in the first place has made a big difference for me. I just can't give up on my love for blogging. Like many bloggers out there, I started because I'm passionate about something and want to inspire others. For me, it's all about my love for everything related to beauty. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences here, and I don't want to stop doing that.

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I took a break from reading blogs for a bit since life got crazy busy, and finding a good time to sit down and read was tough. Now, I'm feeling a bit guilty about it. But hey, I'm making a conscious effort to squeeze in some blog time between my 9-5 grind. Surprisingly, it's turning out to be pretty enjoyable, inspiring, and kind of like therapy!

I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back

Focusing on My Blog, Not Others

We've all been there, right? It's tempting to check out what other bloggers are up to and wish we were in their shoes. But guess what? We're all on our unique journeys, moving at our own pace. Hang in there, be patient – your moment will come. Don't forget what success means to you personally.

Rediscovering the Love of Blogging

First things first, I'm really happy about what I've posted on my blog – proud moment for me! Next up, my own domain is about to hit its one-year mark, and I can't contain my excitement! Lastly, there's this beautiful template of mine. Even though I've thought about switching it up, I just can't bring myself to do it. I've got a soft spot for this template, and it still feels pretty fresh to me.

Exploring Topics That Speak to Me

Discovering a topic I'm genuinely excited to write about has been a game-changer for getting my blogging groove back. It's like a burst of energy – just thinking about these topics gets me all pumped up and ready to blog again. Getting back into the swing of things with my blog has been a bit of a struggle, but I'm putting in the effort to keep it going and deliver you guys some awesome content.

So what about you? What do you do in order to get your blogging mojo back?


  1. Tips yang ohsem.. sha selalu buat macam nie juga bila rasa malas nak berblog.. hehehe..

    1. Blogging rut is real! Kadang rasa macam nak berhenti terus but I know deep inside sebenarnya that's not what I want. Nak rehat sekejap je pun hehehe

  2. welcome back lenne!


  3. Let's be real, this happens to all bloggers in my opinion because it happened to me too.
    The only factor that keeps me wanting to blog is my photography, by that I mean whenever I go somewhere or do something, I will always take photos for my blog in hoping that once I get home, I will start writing about it, and it worked! The only thing that keeps me at bay is the editing part, tangguh punya tangguh, tau2 je dah seminggu terbiar.

    1. Your photography is undeniably great! You take great photos and hey, that's actually a great tips y'know :D

  4. I can totally relate, I myself took a blog break after the birth of my son. I'm looking forward to all your new content. Welcome back.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

  5. I think blog walking can bring your mojo back.
    Yes, you have to think the purpose of writing.