I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back

I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back
Lately, I kinda lost my blogging mojo. I was feeling a little burnout, feeling down about my blog, losing motivation, and even abandoned blogging for a while. I quickly deviated from the avenue that I was enjoying. I just lost all my love for it.

I love blogging - it's always so full of fun, creativeness, and excitement that I just can't get enough of it. I don't know what went wrong but at some point, I felt like everybody is better than me and I got so sad. I know this happens to us all at one time or another in our blogging journey. But some reflection has been made and I am finally feeling ready to restart again.

So how did I manage to get my blogging mojo back?

Remember why I started my blog

Reminding myself why I started blogging in the first place has helped me so much. I can't just let go of my love and passion for blogging. I know most bloggers start their blogs because they have a passion for something and they want to inspire others. I started this blog because of none other than my love for all things beauty. I love sharing my opinions and experiences here and I wouldn't want to put a pause to that.

Read more blogs

I actually stopped reading blogs for a while because I was so busy and couldn't find the right time to read blogs. Now I'm so guilty! Anyway, I am now making an extra effort to read more blogs in the midst of doing my 9-5 job. It's actually quite fun, inspiring, and therapeutic!

I Lost My Blogging Mojo and Here's How I Got It Back

Stop comparing myself with other bloggers

As bloggers, we do suffer from this, don't we? It seems so easy to look at what the other blogger is doing and wish we were like that too. I have come to realize, we all have our own different stages and different paths. Be patient, your time will eventually come. Just remember your personal definition of success.

Trying to fall in love with my blog all over again

First of all, I'm proud of what I have been put up on my blog. I'm proud of what I have written. Second, I have my own domain and it's almost hit that 1-year count and I'm so excited! And finally, this gorgeous template of mine. Although I've been thinking of changing it, I can't seem to do so because I still have a huge love left for this template and it is still relatively new.

Find a topic I really wanted to write

I never knew that finding a topic that I really, really, wanted to write about could help me so much get my blogging mojo back. I just think of the topics in my mind and I can get all hyped up and inspired to blog again. 

All in all, getting my blogging mojo back has been a challenge for me but I am working so hard on continuing to blog and giving you guys only the best content. 
So what about you? What do you do in order to get your blogging mojo back? Did any of these tips help you? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Tips yang ohsem.. sha selalu buat macam nie juga bila rasa malas nak berblog.. hehehe..

    1. Blogging rut is real! Kadang rasa macam nak berhenti terus but I know deep inside sebenarnya that's not what I want. Nak rehat sekejap je pun hehehe

  2. welcome back lenne!


  3. Let's be real, this happens to all bloggers in my opinion because it happened to me too.
    The only factor that keeps me wanting to blog is my photography, by that I mean whenever I go somewhere or do something, I will always take photos for my blog in hoping that once I get home, I will start writing about it, and it worked! The only thing that keeps me at bay is the editing part, tangguh punya tangguh, tau2 je dah seminggu terbiar.

    1. Your photography is undeniably great! You take great photos and hey, that's actually a great tips y'know :D

  4. I can totally relate, I myself took a blog break after the birth of my son. I'm looking forward to all your new content. Welcome back.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

  5. I think blog walking can bring your mojo back.
    Yes, you have to think the purpose of writing.