11 Blog Resources That Made My Blogging Life Easier

Hello, gorgeousness! I totally get how tricky it can be to track down stuff that actually works for your blog. I've been in the same boat, spending endless hours checking out websites and apps to get my blogging act together.

I've been meaning to spill the beans on this for a while now, so I've rounded up a bunch of awesome blogging tools and resources that I swear by. Some I stumbled upon thanks to fellow bloggers, and others just kind of fell into my lap. You don't have to go all-in with these, but they've been my go-tos for every blog post. Hopefully, they'll save you from the headache of sifting through the endless internet maze for the best stuff. 

11 Blog Resources That Made My Blogging Life Easier

Photography/ Editing 

Snapseed - This photo editing app is one of my go-to's to edit my blog photos. Snapseed is a powerful editing tool with an easy-to-use interface that helped improve my blog photography. It has great features and functionality. It also has this amazing 'brush' tool to spot adjust exposure and saturation - I love it to bits!

Lightroom - I occasionally use Lightroom for my blog photos. Most of the time when I'm not satisfied with Snapseed, then I'll use Lightroom. 

Canva - I love Canva mainly because I get so inspired to create beautiful graphics and its flexibility! It has nice templates and is completely free (there are also paid ones so if you don't mind spending a little bit of money, go ahead) that I love to use for my IG story every time I updated my blog. 

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Logopit Plus - A stunning app I use to create my header. The app is pretty simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. You can absolutely do more things with it but I love it as my header maker.

Phonto - If I want to add a certain text to a photo, this is my bestie. It allows me to download my own desired fonts and it's pretty much beginner-friendly.

VSCO - VSCO's sharpening and tint tools are pretty decent in my opinion. It has tons of pretty filters too, of course, but for the most part, I love those two functions.

Writing/ Content Creating

Grammarly - Probably the app that has helped me big time with my blog. It's a great app for bloggers whose native language is not English. It detects and corrects grammatical errors, suggests better words for your article, and helps construct better sentences in more cohesive ways.

Portent - This website basically helps me generate amazing titles for most of my blog posts. Sometimes when you have a bomb-ass article to put up on the blog, you gotta have the most appealing and attention-grabbing kinda title to go with it. That is where Portent comes in handy.

Stock Photos

Sometimes when you don't have the time to take pictures for your blog, stock photos are always a great alternative. It's totally free and fast. My absolutely favourite websites are Unsplash and Pexels.

Analytics/ Tracking

Statcounter - I love Statcounter. It's not as detailed as Google Analytics but I used Statcounter to just see basic statistics and to see who has visited my blog and where they've come from and whatnot. It's really good for small blogs like mine.

What are some of your favorite blogging resources you're using for your blog?


  1. O M G! Thanks for the great suggestion blog for blogger. ^^

  2. I love canva. making my entry for the great and minimalist cover

  3. I used some of them too! Can you explain how to use Portent? Cause I would love to give it a try 😊

    Syaza | www.syazaraihanah.com

    1. It's super easy! All you have to do is insert a word, or maybe two or three that you want the title to be based around and it will generate lots of amazing headlines by itself. Then just choose the one that piques your interest! xx

  4. These days, my blog traffic & readers are dropping TT^TT, thank u for suggestions.

  5. I uses most of these but I just knew about portent. i tried it and i am lovin it. Thanks for sharing!

    // afifahaddnan.com

    1. I know! It's a great (and fast too!) content generator hehe. Thanks for reading Afifah :)

  6. A friend asked me to test INK for All http://bit.ly/2IiHXlQ and I think I loved Grammarly because I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization. INK content editor is not great to check punctuation like Grammarly but the Grammarly deal does not even check for CPO.