Tea Time Vol. 6 | My COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Experience

Tea Time Vol. 6 | My COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Experience
Hello, gorgeousness! Happy October! Time flies by so fast and we are already 4 days into October but mentally I'm still processing March. I couldn't fathom that some of y'all really don't get out of the house much and have been quarantining since March/ April.

Is your mental health okay? Do you get support for your overall wellbeing? Just keeping you guys in check. I hope everyone is doing alright, especially in my own country, Malaysia. It's been a rough few days for us. The number of cases is suddenly pretty concerning so I hope we could just take all the safety precautions for ourselves and stay safe.

Anyway, back to why you're here. Yes, I did the COVID-19 nasal swab test a few days back. If you're following me on my socials, you would know. But yeah, I survived the nasal swab test *crying inside*

I believe you may have heard about the nasal swab test, which would determine if you might have been infected with the novel coronavirus. That being said, my workplace teamed up with the medical professionals and announced they would offer nasal swab testing for the staff and we're all encouraged to do it, which I clearly wasn't ready for. However, I'm a responsible human being and as a member of the public, I think it's something that I need to do regardless since I'm working as an essential services provider. So yeah.

I didn't get any pictures or proof of me being tested because the testing facility was a tad bit strict and we're all advised to keep our phones away while testing, no camera yada yada yada. I'm obeying the medical professionals here okay.

After lining up outside the testing facility for about 5 minutes, I then entered and have my name and IC number signed up. I was given a transparent biohazard pouch that will hold my samples later on and I was told to wait until the doctor calls my name and do the test on me. After a minute or so, I heard my name being shouted and I was immediately freaking out and my hands are all shaking not gonna lie I was shit scared but of course I was playing it cool.

But you guys, it turned out slightly awful for me. Legit. I feel like someone was itching the back of my eye socket and it goes down to my belly button. Just for the record, the nasal cavity still feels off even after a few hours. The process, although it gives me a bunch of anxiety, was otherwise less painful. It's still painful and uncomfortable though like your eyes got watery and all but it's somewhat bearable.

All in all, it's still one of the most uncomfortable things I'll ever experience although the test took me less than 10 minutes. It's my unsettling 10 minutes that I couldn't get back for myself.

Anyway, for now, my friends and I — none of us reported having any of the common symptoms — we will have to wait and see if our results are added to the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lahad Datu, which is not something we would want, or if they will simply just tick up the test rate and reopening businesses and push the region one step closer to begin again.

Hopefully, we'll be fine! Please stay safe. If you cannot for the life of you avoid mass gatherings, please follow the SOP. Put your mask on, always carry hand sanitizers with you, practice social distancing. If any of you thought you should get tested, you should just go for it. Yeah, it's uncomfortable I don't ever want to put myself in that situation again but it's quick and it's for everyone's safety. One can be infected and be asymptomatic. Just saying. 

Stay safe and be seeing you xx


  1. the feeling is very uncomfortable right? T__T totally understand, I have experienced myself 3x. And now, as I am working in Paeds department, I feel so bad taking swab test to the kids. I know it is very painful for them T_T

    1. Sooo uncomfortable. I don't know how kids can tolerate this kind of pain! Poor kiddos :(