What's In My Bag: Pandemic Edition

It has been ages since I did my last What's In My Bag post so I thought now would be the perfect time to do another one. However, this time it's going to be slightly different because it's a pandemic edition. I still carry a lot in my bag though. I am definitely a packrat. Let's just see what I have on me 24/7 during this pandemic! (Links used are affiliate links)

Hand sanitizer

This quickly has become a must-have in my bag. Most shops have them free to use but I always carry one with me. I prefer it more that way. At the moment I have the Aiken hand sanitizer that I got from Watsons. It has a slight overpowering alcohol scent but it doesn't bother me that much. I really like this one as it soaks into the hand quickly and doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky. I still prefer washing my hands after doing anything but it not quite practical so a hand sanitizer would do.

Face mask

Definitely a no brainer. In Malaysia, you can't go anywhere if you don't have a mask and wear one or you will get fined. But I know I can't be the only one forgetting their mask while already stepping out of the house. So I always carry an extra face mask in my bag and it's there to stay. Sometimes when I have been sneezing or coughing a lot that day, I like to change masks. So it's convenient to have an extra in hand. I am using this cute little pouch that I got for free from a seller on Shopee to carry my mask. It's so cute!

Anti-bacterial wipes

I am obsessed with wipes! I cannot go my day without carrying an anti-bacterial wipes with me. It's practical to have wet wipes all the time with you. You need it basically to clean everything at any place - the restaurant, public transport, the grocery shops etc.

What's In My Bag: Pandemic Edition

A packet of tissue

Need I say more? Hygiene is always important, guys. It's worth it to carry all these things and I love Royal Gold tissue! They are pretty strong compared to other brands. And this comes in 3-ply, by the way. 

Lip balm

Lip balms are my best friend. I hate dried and crusty lips. Sometimes when I am not having it that day I just wipe off my lipstick and go to town with my lip balm. The lip balm I am currently in love with is from Nivea. It's their Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose. It smells divine while keeping my lips hydrated and moisturized all the time. I wish it tastes as divine as the scent though. I wish this was edible. LOL.

Burberry Asian Fit Sunglasses

I love these sunnies so much. I bought them a few years ago, I am not sure if they still carry this line. This is the only pair of sunnies that I wear and actually fit me so well with the unique shape and it matches any occasion. I usually attach it around the chain of my bag. There's no way I am putting it in there with lots of my other stuff. Nah.

Nail file

Having nasty nails isn't a good look. So I always carry a nail file with me just in case I need a quick 'polish' or for any chips or broken nails.

A cute "holographic"/"unicorn skin" purse

Having a small bag means I can't use my larger sized purse so this would do. It stores my card, ID, notes, and coins. All in one place. And how can I not fall for the "holo" goodness of this purse?

What's In My Bag: Pandemic Edition

Lipstick of the day

Whatever lip color I choose to wear that day always goes into my bag in case I need to touch up. And this time particularly I have the W7 Lippy Chic in Banter, my favorite nude at the moment.

A pocket mirror

Of course. Another best friend of mine. Comes in handy for lipstick application or food stuck in my teeth. You never know.

The handbag I am currently using is the Voir Quilted Sling Bag if you're curious. A very spacious bag to me and also a beaut. Anyway, this pandemic has been terrifying for everyone but having these items with me all the time makes me feel a little bit better. Thanks for stopping by and checking out What's In My Bag during this pandemic. Stay safe xx

What are the things you have in your bag during this pandemic?