I Am Not Buying These Bullet Journal Supplies

Welcome to this year's first anti-haul blog post. One of the things I like to talk about in this blog is stuff I am not buying. It's used to be beauty heavy but I guess it can be anything that I am not buying, really. I just want to keep my wallet shut from impulse buying and be more conscious when shopping this year. 

I always like to throw on some quick disclaimer: the things I am going to talk about is very personal to me and they are my personal views. The products may be your most loved products and that is absolutely fine. I am not throwing shades to anyone and please take my words with a grain of salt.

Washi Tapes

Just any types of washi tapes in general. The wide one, the regular, the thinnest - all of them. I never use my washi tapes especially the big fat ones. I don't know how to use them properly. I think it makes my bullet journal looks even more sloppy than it already is.

I think my washi collection is pretty decent and could last me for the rest of my life. I am just going to use up whatever I have at home and never purchase them again. 


You know those stamps that require you to peel off the stamp and place it on an acrylic block, dip it in the ink pad and then stamp it onto the paper?

That sounds like a lot of work, prone to smudging and most of the time I hate the font they're using. I would much rather write things down using my own handwriting. Ink pads also tend to dry out fast and you have to clean the stamps after each use which is quite annoying.


I love stickers. They're fun but if a sticker is going in my bullet journal it needs to serve a purpose. I used to just put them all over the page because I am so sick looking at my sticker pile that's left untouched for many moons.

And yes, you guessed it. I don't know how to 'sticker decorating' because having a bunch of stickers in your drawer seem to be all the rage.

Page Flags/ Sticky Notes

Everybody and their mother would go crazy over the page flags and sticky notes that have cool shapes and colours that are usually super affordable BUT for what reason? They never stuck to anything. It's freaking useless and I use them probably once a year.

Amanda Rach Lee Doodle Planner

I am pretty sure most of you have heard of Amanda. She has her very own planner that you can buy and it already has doodles drawn on all of the pages. It's pretty unique though. It's just not for me. I am not used to a planner that's already decorated, I want to decorate it on my own.


I hate these. The fact that it takes up so much time to just aligning the stencils to try and fit between the dots which rarely line up really baffles me. I think stencils work better on a completely blank page rather than a dotted journal.

Are any of these on your anti-haul too? What are some bullet journal supplies you don't use?